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I'm back

Jo B

Full Member
Evening all,

After a hiatus of about 2.5 months - I'm back... and disappointed with myself.
So, I finished RTM at a fabulous 10 stone 5 on the 10th December, with hindsight a really dangerous time to finish. Anyway, flash forward 5 weeks and I am best part of a stone heavier.
So, why has it happened? A number of reasons really - when I finished I felt like a kid who had been let of a leash and to start with was able to justify (wrongly) in my head that it was Christmas/my birthday/New Year. Then starting on Boxing Day we had a hideous run of bad luck - a car crash on the M1 (on my birthday), flu between Christmas and New Year, a broken toe for me, a broken coccyx for my OH. Then the worse thing, our beloved Ben was run over and killed because the binmen left the garden gate open (he couldn't get out of the garden apart from through the gate as he was 19 and couldn't jump). Throw all this in with starting a new job and I was eating what I wanted when I wanted - all the good work was going out of the window.
So, what am I doing about it? I have felt so fat in the last few weeks and have been turning to food for comfort so it's time to wipe the slate clean and start again - today is day 2 back in abstinence. I have to get these 14 pounds off quickly. It seems ridiculous that I am worrying about 14 pounds when I have lost so much more but I need to for my own sanity and to my make clothes fit better again!
Today has been difficult and I'm hoping that tomorrow will be easier but I am missing food again but I keep telling myself that this is for 2 weeks - not the 24 I did before.
Sorry for the ramble but leaving here I think was symptomatic of feeling like I had been let off the leash xx
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Hello JO

Welcome back. What a tough time you have been through.
Well done for coming back. You 've got the leash back now.
You'll get that little bit off before the Spring xx
hi jo
sorry to hear you have had such a bad time.
welcome back
daisy x


I will do this!
so sorry to hear of your difficult time the last few weeks but well done on returning and doing some thing to put it right.


Happy in my own skin
Hey Jo, sorry to hear of your run of bad luck. However, it's good to see you back, I missed ye!
Hi..I'm new to this site, and dont know if I'll be able to find it again.. just findidng my way around and sort of shut my eyes and 'dipped in' I got you ! so..after reading your message, and seeing how you have had all that bad luck.. I say. Good on you, for picking yourself up, dusting yourself down, and 'starting all over again' ..you CAN do it.. you WILL do it !

Wishing you better luck, and good staying power - you know you will be at your target weight before a few months are out

stay with it girl.
Goodness what a bad few weeks you've had ... I managed to put on a stone in December without any of the the bad stuff you've had so well done for not doing more damage and more importantly for dealing with it now ... You'll have that stone off in no time!

I know what you mean about feeling so fat having gained a stone even though you've lost stones and stones, my husband kept saying to me that he could hardly see the gain and look how much lighter I was than this time last year but I felt terrible and my new clothes now had bulges over the top so can totally relate to that Jo!

Good luck love, look forward to hearing how your doing!


Jo B

Full Member
Thanks guys (as always!) - well day 3 of abstinence is nearly over and I have to say I don't remember it being this difficult last time! I'm definitely not as hungry today as I was yesterday which is a bonus but really want to chew something. I'm going for a pop in tomorrow night to pick up another weeks worth of packs and then to find out the best way to eat when coming off a short period of abstinence; anyone else got any tips?

Hi Jo

Sorry to hear of your misfortunes over the past few weeks. At least you have nipped the problem in the bud, and you'll have those extra few pounds shifted in no time.

Good luck.

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