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Im Back!!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by bo_lady, 4 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. bo_lady

    bo_lady Well-Known Member

    I spent all of last night in agony with my Gallstones and today am in slight discomfort and its cos I ate a whole load of crap!!

    I havent done a number 2 for nearly 2 weeks my Tummy has increased by 5 inches!! (hopefully due to lack of number 2's)

    So I am having Colonic irrigation tonight and I am starting SS 100% today, get weighed tomorrow and will not eat again until I am at goal, and hopefully got my probs sorted out!!!

    So if I come on here moaning about eating remind me about this post!!!

    Thanks for your help and motivation over the week!

    Anna xxx
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  3. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Well-Known Member

    aaaawww Anna, you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. Are you having the opp for your Gallbladder??

    I hope your colonic sorts you out, 2 weeks is a very long time to go without doing a no. 2. OMG, your tummy must be painful.

    best wishes

    xx sj xx
  4. bo_lady

    bo_lady Well-Known Member

    Well the stupid docs are not sure if it is my gall bladder causing the pain or not!! So am having a camera put down my throat into my tummy to have a look if there is anything wrong with my stomach first!!!
    But I think it is Gallstones cos it reacts with wot I eat!!!!

    I really hope it sorts it out too, cos with 5 inches on I can really notice it and thats kind of helped me get back on to SS, cos can see what I used to look like!!!
  5. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Well-Known Member

    aawww good luck with the camera hun, I'm not a doctor but sounds like gallstones to me. I believe the stones are little pieces of calcium that have built up and they look like Gravel, my Dad had the opp a number of years ago now and we saw his stones in a pot (nice) and they were litterally stones. I believe the pain is dreadful and you get it when passing a stone,...not sure what route it takes but I believe that's when you get the pain.

    I wish you luck with it all hun.

    xx sj xx

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