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  1. Elzibaby

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    I was an active member of minimins back in 2011 before getting married, I was on the Exante diet and crashed and burned after about 6 months and gained all my weight back + more and ended up around the 18 stone mark in 2012. When I started exante I was around 17.7stone and went down by about 20lbs

    So I thought I would give losing weight another go! I'm currently 16stone 1 , I haven't been dieting per say but exercising more and trying to make better choices but I know I can do better.

    I really do not want to "feel" like I am on a diet, but I definitely need one! I'll never go back to a VLCD again after my experience with Exante, I've tried slimming world but found it horrifically expensive so what else is there for me to try?

    Last July I bought a Siberian Husky puppy in an attempt to bully me into doing exercise, Huskys need a good 1-2 hours vigorous exercise per day otherwise they will destroy your house and everything you love , and I must say it works wonders
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  3. sagagr

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    AS you said you was active user of minimins yet your account showing only 15 posts anyway tell me how much stone you have loose...?
  4. Elzibaby

    Elzibaby Member

    Stats are at the side :)

    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 18/03/2014
    Start Weight: 16st1lb
    Current Weight: 16st1lb
    Goal Weight: 8st13lb
    Goal Date: 25/08/2012

    Last time I was on the forum I weighed around
    18 stone

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