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im back!


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Why not try putting a 1/4 teaspoon of water flavouring into a litre of water, it makes the water easier to drink, aslo have it warm! Warm water is much nicer
yes try drinking the sparkling water with a tiny bit of the water flavouring, its like lemonade :)

I only drink regular water warm its far easier to drink


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yeh id try that, but im scared it will take me out of ketosis! =[ im really hungry today =[
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hey kimmie xx

you allowed 2 t spoons of water flavouring a day... it wont knock you out ...

i puts a 2.5 (medicine spoon) of the flavour into my 1.5 litre of water...

i am going to buy sparkling water tommorrow and have orange ade :)

bet its lush..

have you tryed the jelly yet? i am goign to make some later, using mix a mouse, water flavour and water :)


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Before CD i never drank water at all, just didnt like the taste. Persevere with it. When i fill a glass i do another one at the same time so when i'm ready to drink it has got to room temp and easier to get over. I dont have a problem with water now and im glad as it has now become part of my day. I used to drink 6 tins of diet coke everyday now i occassionally have one. I worked out how many glasses i needed to make 2.2ltrs and i mark them off on a chalk board its amazing how often i go way over the minimum.
Keep focussed, you will get through this. Good luck
Kimmie you are allowed to have the water flavourings, you dont need to put all the flavouring into one glass split your allowence throughout the day :)

I put my allowence into a 2litre bottle of sparkling water and had it throughout the day sitting in my back garden yesterday, it was all very summery :)
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Are you having the water cold? I prefer to have mine at room temp.. makes it easier to drink more.


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I don't limit the water flavourings - hasn;t affected my ketosis. Sip water all day with orange flavouring in it. Great stuff!!:D

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