I'M BACK !!!! :-)


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hi everyone , well , after falling off the wagon over the christmas period i am now back on the LL programme , i know a lot of you on here are of the opinion that LL is an easy plan to follow but unfortunately i am the opposite and find it very very tough , obviously the results speak for themselves but i still find hard , i now know what some of you meant when you said it was difficult to get back on once you fell off but i need to do this so have come back , walking into my weigh inn on monday was hard because i knew it would be a gain but was unsure of how much of a gain , i was really dredding stepping back onto those scales but have to be honest and say that i was actually happy with a 5lb gain ! , never thought i would be saying that but i feared a lot worse to be honest , hope you are all well and i can see a lot of you are looking even better than last time i was on here :) , pete , you look great mate and are an inspiration , take care for now everyone , paul x .
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glad to see you back
well done for getting right back on the bandwagon
bl's right 5lbs will be gone in no time


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Hi Paul

Was not here the last time you was, but welcome back :)

My LLC said the same thing to me, if you drop off its hell to go back on it, her exact words. I was tempted over christmas but resisted


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Good on ya for getting back on track I also find it hard your on your own
that 5lb will gone in no time


Welcome back Paul!

I'm glad you have gotten back on track and are doing this for yourself.
And what is 5lbs in exchange for a good Xmas?
Like BL said, that'll be all but gone this time next week! :)

I wouldn't say that many of us are of the opinion that LL is an easy plan; granted, it does appear some of us have an easier ride than others, and perhaps we do, but one thing we all have in common is we all know how hard it is to do a VLCD (or any diet in generally really) and how much it takes out of you to do it. If the days I've found hard are something you feel regularly, then I have even more respect for you for carrying on doing it.

And the fact that you have come back shows a real strength in mind and body, so good for you.

You've done so well already (great losses!), and with a little more work, you'll soon be where you want to be.

All the best for your next week and next WI mate.


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Hey!! Welcome back!! I was wondering what had happened to you! (Much the same as had happened to me, I think, lol)... December was a killer month for me too - and not in the hip slang sense of the word. It was lapse after lapse after frolicking lapse... and actually, they ran over into January too... still finding it hard now.

For anyone that is reading this - Do. Not. Lapse... planned or otherwise... it really does make it almost impossible (almost, not quite... just!) to get back into proper abstinance... particularly for me as I've continued to lose! Arghhh!

Anyway - good on ya for coming back, facing your demons and moving on. The extra 5lbs will be gone before you can say 'Oh bugger I lapsed over Christmas, what on earth can I do...' - *POOF*, gone. :D

Stay in touch on here - and don't go disappearing again, you bad bad boy x


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hi again guys and gals , when i went back to my group on monday they told me it would be hard so they wanted me to attend the pop in tonight, been back on the plan two days now and got on the scales at the group tonight and have lost 6lb !!! :) , pete , i do have a lot of bad days mate and being a chef is a horrible job when your on this plan , but hey ! i suppose i am grateful to have a job when so many are losing theirs these days .