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I'm blaming you lot *lol*


I will succeed!!!
All this talk of wii fit made me do some research - to be honest I've never paid much attention to them as a means of exercise, but it sounds like they are really good.

Didn't realise how much hoo-har there was about them...cannot find one in stock anywhere! :O

Blamin' you lot for making me want one lol xxx
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I was like that! Then...the more you struggle to find one...the more you want one!!!
If you like to do step class, then you'll soon get bored with the Step game on the Wii Fit - just as I did. However, you can get a 'riser' from Amazon.co.uk that lets you rise the wii fit board to make it the same height as a normal step. It's fab!!! Gives you a much better step workout.


I will succeed!!!
Thanks peeps. I saw it on play.com for 84.99 with the game. BUT my sister says I can borrow hers for a while to see if I like it. So just going to get wii fit plus and then a board later. Totally forgot she had one! She won't need it for a while as she's not far off giving birth...so woohoo.

Thanks though xx


I will succeed!!!
Good luck with it Sticky. X
Thanks Donnie hun! I really need to get the scales moving the right way at a better speed so really upping the working out now.

Usually do 2-3 hours weekly but been doing 4+ since Christmas. I want to settle to about 4 in the end to make it maintainable so hopefully wii fit will keep it fun and mix it up with my usuals xxx
I'd really like the fit + which is £15, but expensive with the balance board. Does it make a big difference if you don't have the board?

You have to have the board - it doesn't work without it! The Fit+ is just an update of the old Fit game - but you still need the board for both.

I am looking forward to using mine again - whilst the board can go up to 600lb - the limit for Wii Fit is 330lbs (think they increased this limit for Fit+) - which is what I weigh now. Probably 50/50 if it will work now, but hopefully next week :D

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