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Im close tears and I don't know why.


Im sat here close to tears:cry::cry::cry:

Im not happy these days, and I dont know if its down to the reduced kcal intake or something else.

My blood is always simmering and it does'nt take much to make it boil :(

Im always shouting at the kids, really shouting and not being very nice :(

I dont want to be with anyone and to be honest I dont think hubby and the kids want to spend time with me :cry:

I dont know if all this started around the same time as starting the diet. :(

I was thinking of maybe asking the dr for prozac or something herbel thats really works.

Can you take stuff like this on CD, Iv tried Bach's rescue remedy, but it does nothing for me :(

I dont want to feel like this anymore, I dont even want to be with me at the moment:(:sigh::sigh::sigh:

Thanks for any advice

bm2lm xx
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Hmmmm, hun, Im not sure, I can remember on SS sometimes I was so so so Mad at the world, everything made me cross, yet at other times I was flying, think SS does that sometimes, its an emotional journey.

Is there anything else in your life right now that could be the cause, money, or relationships or work etc anything like that??

Take a deep breath, and if you want, write down everything that is upsetting you, maybe we can help??

Dont forget we are here x


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Firstly (((HUGS)))
I think if you feel that bad you should go and see your GP and see what he/she suggests. I'm on anti-depressants and on SS and the first 2weeks were rough - but now, 6weeks on, I feel great.

Hope you soon feel more like your old self again - if you want any more help then PM me. xxxx
Aww sorry to hear you're feeling down, it's awful to feel that way. Another good remedy is St John's Wort which you can buy from a good health store or probably Boots in fact, but if you're stil feeling this way I agree with Bev it's probably worth speaking to your Dr.

Take care



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oh blimey hun i dont know what to suggest
i had a bad few days at the begining of the week but was able to pull myself back from it
you sound so fed up maybe you do need something more to help
is your gp the sort of person that will sit and listen , maybe worth haviing aword with him/her

big hugs mate :grouphugg:


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I have had many ups and downs and now am on anti-depressants too. It is worth going to the drs and see what they suggest.
Irene xx
Thanks guys :)

I cant seem to put my finger on it, things are fine with hubby and the kids are just being kids.

Im losing weight and should be happy, but Im not:( and I dont understand that.

Its not post-natal as my youngest is 3.5yrs.

They're in nursery and school, and Im a stay at home mum, you'd think that Id get on with housework etc.. but I dont, it bores me stupid and when the kids get home I just want to be by myself again:(:(:(

I hav'nt got the Ba*ls to get a job yet, 1. I hav'nt worked for 5 yrs and 2. Im not confident with my figure.

Thanks again for your replies

bm2lm xx
its awful that your feeling like this, me personally thinks it is to do with the diet.
If you had seen the Louise Redknapp documentary race to size zero, she got very very ratty and her husband and kids didnt want to spend much time with her, i get really angry when i dont eat too! However i dont know what to suggest because if it is the food if you gave up on the diet youd be at square one again, i hope you find the answer but as other people have said go to the doctors there may be a certain over the counter remedy you could take or maybe your short of a certain vitamin etc :):)


i love minimins me :)
hey hun

jus wanted to send huge hugs to u, perhaps a trip to ya g.p could be a good idea

i have been on anti d's and had intense councelin before starting this diet, and i still no that this diet makes me want to be on my own alot, luckily for me i live with flatmates so i can shut the door and ignore everyone, it must be difficult to be on a happy face

pm if u ever wanna talk and i hope things are better for u soon



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Everybody should have a Marcus hug!! hehe

Thanks everyone, your replies mean alot :):)

I think I may see my gp.

Thanks again

bm2lm xx


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I'm sorry you're feeling so cr#p at the moment darling. I agree that it may be useful to go and see your GP and get an opinion. It's not a sign of weakness to do that, but a sign of common sense and wiseness from you, honestly.

In my experience, both personally and with clients, when you start to feel low for more than a few days and you struggle to shake it off, then it's time to go and put yourself at the top of your "To Do" list and get some advice and support.

There will be a reason why you feel anger and frustration bubbling away and it may be the weight loss programme plus other stuff. I am a great believer in pinpointing what is going on for you and then at least you can start to find some strategies to tackle it and wave it goodbye. :)

Lots of love and let us know how you do with this,

Lacey x
Good luck with your GP :) I think that being snappy etc can be a real downside to this diet :(

A warning about St John's worth though for anyone thinking of taking it. I know it's a herbal remedy but it can interfere with some medication that your GP has prescribed - including the contraceptive pill!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oh bm2lm - I do feel for you, you sound so sad.

If, as it sounds, all is well in the rest of your life it probably is down to the diet - not physically I guess - but mentally.

We have all had some awful days through our weight loss journeys - and probably worse ones before we started it.

I get so tired of fighting with myself every minute of the day. Eat it/don't eat it over and over and over again. It feels like a war is raging in my head all the time and it does make me feel really irritable. Not all the time but only because I fight that too!

I have been called antisocial, and I guess it's partly true, I turn down more invitations than I accept and that never used to be the case with me. People think I have changed but I have HAD to to get where I want to be - where I need to be.

Try the docs but if he doesn't have the answers for you don't be disheartened. This diet is temporary - once your journey is completed you can try to find your old self again. She'll still be there just in a smaller, healthier body.

Your hubby will be too busy enjoying the new you to remember that you bit his head off along the way and the kids.....well, just buy them a PS3 and they'll forgive you anything!

Well done on your fab losses so far and I hope you feel much brighter soon :hug99:



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Hi how are you sleeping.What is your concentration like?
Losing weight and starting to look better should have a positive effect on your mood.How long have you been feeling low? There may be a few reasons why you feel bad but it isn't neccessarily the diet.Stress,PMS and just having a sh*t week might also be the culprits.



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Hi...*BIG BIG HUGS** to you, I dont relly know what else to say as u've had so many positive replies...I'd only be repeating them...I too feel very aggitated on SS, I snap at my poor mum and husband!! They both probably want to batter me right about now...Not sure about anti-depressants...but I agree with chatting to your GP...sometimes talking to someone whos not a part of your everyday life..ie friends and family can be sooooo refreshing...
I love comng on here to air myself because people around me dont understant the battle I face everyday with my weight!!
Chin up hun we're all here...:grouphugg:


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Hi, I am so sorry you are feeling so down, and i wont add to all the great advice, as its all been said, so sending you some positive thoughts and lots of hugs, take care and keep us posted.

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