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i'm cold

Hi :)does any one else feel really cold? my family are fed up with me needing the fire on full ....
and also
i tried the psyllium husks. they did the trick but decided to have them on hot choc this morning it went all gooey. so thought i'd microwave try to make muffin.. big mistake even more goooooeyyy !! ew, i take it husks are for cold water:gen157:
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yeah I've gone from being hot all the time to being cold! at work I used to sit there sweating when everyone else was complaining of the cold, now I'm putting my coat and gloves on while they're turning the heat down!!!

invest in fingerless gloves, helps a treat!!


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I hate the husks!
Really feel the cold and sleep all wrapped up with socks jim-jams, dressing gown and 2 duvets ( 1 folded in half so that makes 3 really! Eventually do get warm enough but am practically crushed by the weight of the bed linen!!! OH is not impressed!!


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Brrrrrrrrr feeling very very cold!

Am a nightmare at work as all the guys in the office are forever complaining about me moaning at them for leaving the doors open etc.....it doesn't help I work in a castle and its abso-bloody-lutely freeeeeeeeeeeeezing!

Just sat now with 3 layers on and my boys went to bed in just their boxers as they were "boiling".....lol!
f-f-first f-f-ew weeks I was f-f--freezing. Just put the extra layers on you and drink the water a bit warmer too if you feel the need - I did for a while. Everything functioning normally now; so it does get better.......... promise xx


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Death by bedlinen tee, hee! Wonder if the insurance company would pay out.
Mt hands get really bad and y rings drop off.

Frequently have to sit with gloves on or get a hot water bottle to thaw the!
Anyone know why this happens?


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because we are on a vlcd our body is being given the basic needs, it therefore concentrates on the basics and gives less thought to keeping us warm as this takes a lot of energy to do. thats basically why we feel the cold, especially in the beginning days/weeks.
I am ALWAYS cold!! My hands, feet and nose especially!! Have to wear layers under tops now - something of an alien concept to me!! And i invested in a lovely fur covered hot water bottle! Used to always be the person complaining of how warm it was!!
As a newbie (started 26th Sept) to CD Sole Source I was prepared for the 'side effects' but no one told me about the cold!!

Not too bad at the moment but coming from one who used to perspire like mad just opening an envelope, and being able to wear summer clothing in winter this is all very strange - sat watching TV last night wondering if I should light the fire!!
hi docmel i started on the 26th as well,ist day fine,2nd day thought i was going to die,day 3 ketosis feeling great,but i am also freezing,i did put the fire on last night and when anyone came in the room ,they said its like a hot house in here then left me to it,but my feet are freezing now cant warm up.ha ha i will ask you to be my buddy and we can have daily updates if you want,when you get the hang of the forum angie x
My nose is cold....my fingers are cold and so are my toes......Not putting the heating on until 6pm though. I work from home so only me in the house and it would be a waste.......Wearing a big jumper and wooly socks mind you.
i have got a cure for the cold girls,i have just hoovered top to bottom and am now sweating like a pig,but i now have no enery so have had to sit down for 5 mins ,its like i have run a marathon,and this from a woman who ran on a treadmill in my kitchen for 30 mins a night till last fri,wots all that about,
ive just brought my duvet and pillows downstairs, me and the youngest are going to snuggle and have a dvd day, until we have to go collect other two from school.
mind you even the "normal" people were saying how cold it was this morning, so could be why we are all feeling it so much.


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It's well cold here too! I had the window open a bit earlier here at work and have closed it now.

Would much rather be at home all snuggly and watching tv.

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