I'm coming back

:p Morning everyone out there:) - story so far, basically, last August I started on lipotrim, it worked really really well, thank goodness because I didn't find it easy. I lost 2 stone, went from 15 to a wavering 13, (some days just under -some days just over.) Was doing just fine until that naughty christmas visited and I have put on 6 lbs. :confused:
Its my birthday at the end of March (a quite BIG one too!!) ;) so ... I have decided that on 1st February I shall start lipotrim again and go for another stone. (1st February because we have 2 dinners out before then.) Which shall get me down to 12'7lbs and a comfortable size 16. I'm 5'10" and I'll be more than happy, happy,at that weight. I used the forum when I was last on the diet and it was such a great help, I decided to visit again this morning as I have a day off work.
Thats the plan, I will be back on the forum on my days off, good luck to all the newbies and all us restarters, it realy does work- u just have to be very single minded and determined (haha listen to me! wait until 2nd February!!)
Hi Gold granny, hope you do well when you get back on lt, sooo a big birthday bash coming up what more of an incentive.

Good luck
Anne-Marie, good luck on your weight loss journey in February! You can do it!
get your coat ........your joining us !!!