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Im Dizzy!

Now then u lot! I usually post on the pink site, but am feeling a bit pathetic so wondered if I could pick your brains?
Over the last few days I have been feeling generally dizzy and giddy, dizzy on standing etc, but it seems to be righting itself within a few moments.

Have a history of panic attacks, and recently they have been an awful lot better, but since the weekend seem to be fighting off anxiety- which I think is to do with the feeling giddy and dizzy.

I swim every day and am about to go now, but am in two minds about it today-

Am definately not new to CD (ive lost 56lbs since Oct 07) so Its not settling in period IYSWIM, wondering if I need some more calories temporarily till this passes, (an extra shake) ?
Im not too good with water, but am drinking 3+ litres a day, and no more or lees than usual.

Any ideas guys?
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Dizzyness can be a symptom of transient low blood pressure which can happen on this diet - hence why we drink so much! Is it when you stand up suddenly or at other times?

Also could be pregnancy - worth ruling out??


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Could you ask your CD what may be causing this? Is it your TOTM as I sometimes feel a bit like that(or when I have wallowed in a hot bath too long)

Lil K

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I have also had dizzy spells on CD, and not just at the start either. Especially when I get up quickly, or like Bobbin, after I've had a hot bath.
Cheers for the quick response guys!

I dont think I'm pregnant? and not on TOTM. Haven't had any cups of tea today, and yesterday had about 4 so maybe that could be it. Also had a terrible nights sleep last night (a bloody spring has popped on my side, bloody typical, remind me to change the mattress round before OH comes home). I'm a rubbish sleeper anyway so maybe thats it?

Might have to forgo the swimming today and have a chill out afternoon- DS is in nursery this afternoon.

i feel like I could go to bed and kip all afternoon, but I would have no chance of sleeping tonight then, I find it hard enough anyway.

All this is making me want to binge!!!!!!!!!! Why after so long on CD? (altohugh I did have a little time off in january)

Your ideas have been really useful, i really appreciate it!!

Lil K

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S: 16st1lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 3st11lb(23.56%)
Could definitely be due to the lack of sleep. I used to do shift work on a 24 hour rota - really messed my system up, and sheer tiredness used to make me dizzy as well. Oh, I am so grateful for my normal day time job now :)
After a hot bath is likely to be vasodilation caused by the hot water combined with an already lowered BP leading to a dizzy spell. Seems to be reasonably common on this type of diet.
Yeh, I agree with Kerrie. I got this dizziness really badly all thru my diet...GP advised me it's postural hypertension, linked to low BP. Even now I'm eating again, I'm still worse than I was before the diet but it's a small price to pay to be thin. If you're worried tho, I'd recommend speaking to your GP


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Then it could be a lovely virus! My lovely kids bought it home gave it to me, I started off feeling dizzy, hot flushes, sore throat nasty cough, now have a chest infection and anti biotics. My lovely husband let me sleep in my bed for nearly 5 days while he took care of the kids..hoping ou dont have this!


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Its the virus! i BET it is...i have it at the moment. It is draining isnt it? At least it stops me wanting to eat though!


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:p I think thats how I managed to get through week one so well! Yeah its horrible..my kids had it so I thought pfffff I'll fight it myself..no need for fussy docs here...but no I cried today when the receptionist heard me on the phone with the 3 mental kids in the background and said you better come in now had'nt you. Sounds like you need all the help possible!

Go out to the car find I have a flat tyre...have to change that, the energy is just sapping from me then..lucky for me husband is taking tom off so I can rest up some more...:)

Antibiotics...sole source? I am taking some chicken and salad just incase it stops them from working properly.

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