I'm doing LL for the 2nd and last time

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  1. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Hi All
    I have my first LL meeting on the 10th September, it's a new LLC, I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.

    I first did LL November 2004 and lost 5 stone in the 100 days, it was the most amazing diet I have ever done, it was the old style and when they changed it I decided to leave LL and tried CD it worked for a while and lost a total of 8 stone, I went back to my old ways thinking oh I can go back to a VLCD anytime and lose the weight, well it didn't happen and I've put all 8 stone back on.

    I'm unhappy with my weight, size and the effects it is having on my health and life, I am missing out on so much and want to put an end to it. So I needed to make a decision, tried SW and WW and lasted a few weeks, tried diet pills, they didn't really work, so took a deep breath and decided the diet that really worked was LL, so here I am a week away from starting. Not sure what will happen, but I can only try.

    First Goal is going to the meeting next Thursday

    Second Goal is getting through the first week being 100%
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  3. Mumbles

    Mumbles Full Member

    hi - I just wanted to say that i've read your post. i hope to start LLL on Tuesday, Just one to 1 and a half stone to lose. All the best, I really mean it. whatever the weight you need to lose, it's important
  4. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Thanks Mumbles, you are right if you are unhappy with with your weight it feels the same regardless of the numbers.

    Good luck and hope you get there soon

    Mel :)
  5. yoyo-ohno

    yoyo-ohno Full Member

    Hiya Mel,
    Glad to hear you've got a date set for starting....bet you can't wait now.
    I am so full of admiration for anyone who can lose that amount of weight. I'm sure you will nail it again.
    It's the keeping it off that's hard isn't it?
    When I got through the absitnence phase (first time;))I thought I could go to WW without doing RTM but gradually it all crept back on again.
    This time I'm gonna see it through RTM and beyond.

    Just think - how differnet we will feel this time next year - I defo agree that being fat stops me from doing things that i really want to do.
    Have a great weekend & good luck for Thursday
  6. dancing-in-the-rain

    dancing-in-the-rain Full Member

    Good luck Mel. I'm also a returner. I don't know about you, but just before I start (and for the first day or so...) I have that lovely feeling of hope. I've admitted what I need, I'm actually doing something about it, and it may just work - I love that feeling! Good luck for Thursday.

    I'm starting tomorrow, but first official meeting on Wednesday. I'm starting Uni (PGCE) on Monday 14th, so I told LLC that I really wanted the worst out of the way before I started. If I waited until Wed meeting, and then started on Thursday, I'd be at the worst possible point of feeling cr*ppy when I started uni. No good at all. This way, at least I'll be on day 8 and hopefully through the worst.

    One of my biggest worries is that I don't want to tell people I'm "doing it again"...I don't want comments and judgements - this is completely my business and no-one elses. I was very worried about lunches at uni and the staffroom whilst I'm on placement - I don't want to tell strangers why I'm not eating, but someone told me this great solution. Take a sandwich in, preferably one you don't like, just two slices of bread with anything between (even just butter...), in a lunch box. Also take a LL soup. Make up soup and drink it and then either pretend you don't feel like the sandwich or just open the box whilst you drink the soup and then close it again after, but don't comment on it. This works on several levels - people will notice if you sit with them for lunch but don't have any lunch with you, but if you have lunch with you, they're unlikely to notice whether you eat it or not (more interested in their own!), and also, people comment when you're on a diet and may even sabotage, but will usually quite happily accept it if you're simply not hungry at that time.

    I love this plan (it brings out the schemer in me!) so i thought I'd share...

    Anyway, good luck for Thursday and keep us posted!
  7. Mel P

    Mel P Full Member

    Hi Mel,

    Good luck with your journey and I am sure you will crack it again. From reading here, the key to maintaining seems to be doing RTM. I'm currently on week 7 RTM and have found it extremely helpful so far. Next week I start the "trigger" weeks so interesting times ahead for me.

    (the 2nd Mel P ;))
  8. dancing-in-the-rain

    dancing-in-the-rain Full Member

    Mel P - how long were you in developers? Your figures (and probably figure!) are so inspiring....!
  9. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Hi dancing-in-the-rain,
    thanks for your message, it's a great idea, I could try with my milkshake and a sandwich (can't stand any type of soup :().

    Agree with the hope thing, I am hoping I'm still going to like the foodpacks and that the diet will work again, well I know it's me that makes the diet work, but you know what I mean. When I started the diet in 2004 the people I worked with were so supportive, even my customer who I visited regularly was very supportive, was amazed at the weight loss everytime I saw them, unfortunately where I am now I tried CD a few times and the negativity drove me insane and I just went off the diet, so I have told 2 people that I trust and know will support me the others don't know anything, so it'll keep them busy guessing how I'm losing the weight :D:D

    How is your first day going?? I am really looking forward to it and hope that it wont be too bad.
  10. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Hi Mel P
    I am 100% doing RTM this time, I don't think I stood a chance keeping the weight off not doing it before, at least I will stand a good chance of keeping the slim figure I intend to get on LL. There are so many triggers for me happy, sad, stressed to name a few.

    Let me know how you get on

    Mel P :D
  11. dancing-in-the-rain

    dancing-in-the-rain Full Member

    End of day 1, done. Not easy, lots of mind games going on (you can start again tomorrow, you don't really need to do something so extreme etc. etc.) but got through it. One day at a time.

    How are you all doing?
  12. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Well done on getting through day 1, you are nearly through day 2, soone it will be week 1 and the first weighin.

    My first day is this friday, so if I get any side-affects they should hit me over the weekend, really beginning to look forward to it. Someone on Minimins said about a clean feeling and they are right, you feel clean and cleansed inside, that is what I am looking forward to and the not feeling hungry.
  13. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    I went to my first meeting on Thursday, weighed in 10lb more than last time, but 4lb less than I thought I would so not as bas as it could have been.

    So started yesterday, porridge isn't too bad, I wasn't feeling too good no other way to describe it other thn I felt like ****, headache felt sick had dizzy spells, felt so tired i went for a sleep at 7 felt a lot better after that. I went through several thoughts yesterday most common, what the hell am I doing, is it really going to be worth it, when I left work realised all I had was 2 foodpacks to look forward to and nearly cried, not that I knew what I wanted I just wanted something filling to eat.:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

    Well feeling ok at the moment, had 1 foodpack and nearly half a litre of water down, roll on ketosis
  14. yoyo-ohno

    yoyo-ohno Full Member

    Hi Mel,
    Sorry to hear you had such a rough day yesterday ..but you got through it - yay !!!!
    You've done it before so you know this feeling will pass and then you'll be back to where you want to be.

    Good luck for today - you can do it :hug99:

  15. thirdtimelucky

    thirdtimelucky Releasing the goddess

    Hi MelP. hope you have a good day. Your comment about water has made me realise I have not drank enough so far today. Gonna go and sip some.

    Hang in there, sleep loads if you need too and you will soon be in the zone. Cant wait to here your Week 1 WI result. x
  16. dancing-in-the-rain

    dancing-in-the-rain Full Member

    How was today Mel?
  17. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Found ya :hug99: :hug99: Off to bed (drugs are kicking in) but I wanted to say hello to my Pod-mate and send you some :vibes:
  18. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Hi DIR
    Yesterday went ok and I am in ketosis, but today I just wanna eat everything, I wont say what I am craving, but it's not good, I've had something to eat which started the craving, so on here so I don't eat anymore.

    I think the trigger was swimming, I'm always really hungry after swimming so I eat - my foodpack just didn't do the job, not that they ever satisfying this early in the diet another few weeks and it'll be enough, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, just carry on and do my best, just cannot believe I caved in 3 days into the diet :angeldevil:

    I can have bars as of tomorrow, so looking forward to that, it'll be my after work treat :D:D
  19. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Hey pea,
    How's it going??? :hug99::hug99: I'm 3 days in and already struggling, I am determined to get through the next few days though and hope I get the lovely feeling of doing a VLCD soon.

    :pillowfight: Gotcha!!
  20. Melaniep

    Melaniep Member

    Just a quick update, I went for a mid-week pop in and I have lost 11lb since Friday, I cannot believe it, nearly fell off the scales, made the weekend all worth it :D
  21. thirdtimelucky

    thirdtimelucky Releasing the goddess

    AMAZING! Fab start Mel, Well done! x

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