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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by fattyfattybumbum, 23 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    Thanks a mill for all the support given to me by this forum especially, lillie, trac,garry nic, howdy etc I will continue posting weight loss etc,but as of a chicken salad 1 hour ago I am no longer tfr ,refeeding is my new name!.Its something I ve been mulling over for a while and I think its time for me to call it quits with lipo for a while.Thanks again and I'll still be here!!MICHELLEXXX:D
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  3. scousemouse0151

    scousemouse0151 soon to be minnie mouse

    good luck and well done on getting so far with your weight loss, you get yourself settled into the refeeding and keep posting FATTYFATTYNOBUM lol
  4. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    Thanks hun,I've loved lipo its changed my live for sure,but I think its time to move out into the real world of eating again. I've been a ***** to live with and I'm miserable on it.I never was before.I am happy with my 4st loss and want to lose the other 2stone on my own if I can.I've gotton into a routine of exercise every day so I'm happy enough to go it alone and see how I fair out!
  5. blondie70

    blondie70 Member

    Well done....

    How was your chicken salad???


    Can't wait to get there!!
  6. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    It was fresh and I'm feeling a bit pukey to be honest its werid but I gonna take it easy and do it bit by bit.I 've been 17st 9lbsfor 7 yrs now I 'm around 13st 4lbs if it takes me another 6months to get to 11st I can live with that.I'm not in any hurry.
  7. lillie

    lillie weighs a lot less

    good luck hun we can help each other xx
  8. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    Awww well done you ! :D

    Dead proud of you lass ! You've done amazing !

    Before & after pics please :D Naked if you'd like ;)
  9. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    howdy you are too bold!!!hhhmmm but have to say not too offended lol. Dont get offended easily me!
  10. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    Just as well really :D

    PS regarding your PM... 9 inches ;)
  11. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Good luck and enjoy, you have done well xxx
  12. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    thanks garry. I'm delighted with what I've done so far and looking forward.onwards and upwards etc. lovin your'e new pic very saucy!!howdy 9inchs thats a little short for an inside leg,no?
  13. holly

    holly Full Member

    well done and good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey x
  14. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    Not for a leprechaun ;) :D
  15. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    True, true now things are really getting interesting! And would you say you've always been vertically challenged? And are you in proportion ALL over?
  16. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    3 notches on you're belt too, ooh I do love a man with a plan!
  17. howdy-doody

    howdy-doody Eloquent hooligan

    Always been an overt attention-seeking tart with confidence bordering on arrogance (although self-deprecating with it) to compensate for my lack of height...

    As for proportion... I'm a tri-pod baaaaaybeh :cool:
  18. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    over attention seeking tart.Are we talkin bout you or me? match made in heaven!!!tripod eh, well I 'll have to get my camera and see if we can COME TOGETHER and make beatiful music/pictures together.lame I know but I'm on my way out so its all I could COME UP with at such short notice.love ya marky!!!!
  19. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    Well done hunni you have been amazing whilst you have been on it and have always made me wee laughing lol make sure you still come and say hi...and let us know your weight loss xx good luck in your refeed! Have you decided what you are going to be doing after that? low fat, low crb etc?
    Love ya babe
  20. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    def low carb I love a bit of meat , me!
  21. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    look into low gi as well hun similar and very tasty xxx

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