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I'M FAT. I won't sugarcoat it because i'll eat that too.

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by littlesister83, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    I just logged into this for the first time in about a year and the first thing I did was look back at my previous posts. I've had so many attempts at weightloss that i can't remember one from another and seeing it in black and white is incredibly depressing.

    Anyway - this time there'll be no massive declaration of this being THE LAST TIME. I know it won't be easy and i'll have ups and downs. However, I have promised myself that i will do my best and stop dicking about with my body and health. Last night i weighed myself and found that i am now 18 stone. Although I've become so used to hating myself and how i look and becoming used to my constant failures to resolve it, I have to admit that seeing my weight in a whole new, all time high bracket stung like crazy. It shocked me into doing something and the box of Slim and Save i've had, discarded in the kitchen cupboard for the last 3 weeks, has come out and i'm 2 packs in with no urge to stuff myself stupid for once.

    I'm taking it day by day and I have lots of goals to aim for. But right now i am seriously worried about my health and mental wellbeing and I know that I have to do this in order to take ownership and take control of my life.
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  3. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Hi and welcome

    I think you will be able to find some good support on here. For me it really helps me not to be so down on myself when I see how much I have in common with such a lovely group of people. We're all just doing the best we can so we might as well speak to ourselves with the same kindness that we would to other people.

    Good luck as you start and I hope you have a good first day. :)
  4. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    Well done for the making the decision to change. Only you can do it and we're all here to cheer you along on the way ;)
    Good luck.
    Water - distraction - water - distraction - water - distraction!! Xx
  5. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    Thanks for the encouragement! I need to learn to stop being so down on myself!

    So I'm just going into day 3. Am currently on a nightshift and I tested my urine last night and I'm in lovely pink ketosis! Still feeling pangs of hunger but nothing too horrific (though I could have eaten everything at 2am after a busy spell). Need to up my water a bit today. I don't mind drinking water at all but can't go back and forth to the toilet when it's manic in work (I'm a midwife so it's not like leaving a desk etc).

    I'm viewing it day by day but I feel different to all the times I've given up after hours or a day. Also had a cheeky little weigh in work and I'm down 6.5lbs! Fab motivation :).
  6. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Yaaay welcome to keto land hehe u will feel much better now....gd luck and will be following ur journey hun :) mwaahz
  7. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    That's a speedy journey into ketosis. Glad you are in the zone. Can understand the need to want to eat when busy at work - I use food for a break or a reward. It really makes you notice things like that when it's taken away. And a brilliant motivating loss to keep you going for the rest of the week.
  8. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Here to subscribe as you are not alone....there's some great support here and I echo Clinquant and Sammy's words....:)
  9. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Here to subscribe and support x :) It saddens me when I read how down we are on ourselves and I do it too but we can do it this time , The support is fantastic on here well done on your loss so far x
  10. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    Thank you so much for all your lovely posts :).
    Today is the end of day 4 and its been an absolute shitter! Work was generally horrific and there was a massive buffet in the staff room all day as someone was retiring. The smell of the food combined with stress was enough to almost make me tie some sheets together and winch myself out of the nearest window! This has been the hardest day hunger wise, despite being in ketosis. I'm sat here now talking myself out of driving to the shop to stock up on loads of **** to eat. I wish this was as easy as the first time i did it (did LL a few years ago and lost 4 stone). I feel angry that I've let myself get this big and for my lack of willpower.
  11. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    Just into day 7. Currently on a nightshift and thought I should update this. Saturday night I had a planned 'cheat meal' which, on reflection, is a bit pointless and silly so early on and, although I enjoyed it, I don't really know why I succumbed to it. However, I decided that if I did eat this meal that I would continue with SAS as if nothing had happened. And I have done. I don't feel anything negative being out of ketosis but I never have done in the past. I don't get the headaches and withdrawals and am in ketosis by the end of day 2, whatever I eat. I weighed myself and I weigh the same as I did on Friday which is a positive.

    However, I won't be making it a regular thing and have kind of learnt that I gained nothing from it!
  12. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Something I think we have to do something like that to realise that food isn't all that. Now you know it's not as good as you imagined which is good knowledge to have if you're tempted to go off plan or it gets tough.

    I've done this 100% for eight months back in 2008 and then lots of attempts in between where I wasn't prepared to give things up I lose about 3-4lbs a week if I'm 100% and about 1-2lbs if I have 'extras' or frequent planned days off. It's still hard day to day and it still costs the same so I've chosen to go 100% this time and it's been easier for me, long term.

    Have a good week.
  13. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    Here to subscribe. I keep thinking about a planned cheat meal, but I haven't done it yet. I find it comforting to watch other people eating things I want. I swear, I'm turning into a feeder! My OH will end up the size of a house! lol!

    But, the bigger he gets, the slimmer I look! :p
  14. littlesister83

    littlesister83 Full Member

    Haha ClaireCat- I know exactly what you mean! I can't stop watching cooking programmes and Man V Food! Also smelling food like some deranged bread pervert!
  15. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Haha i'm always sniffing stuff :)

    Here to subscribe good luck on your FINAL journey, it's my last blooming diet too, I mean it!
  16. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    Here to subscribe.

    I work shifts and believe me I feel your pain! I think working dodgy hours leads to snacking on the run cheeky takeouts and general naughtiness! its easy to think your treating yourself because your knackard etc.

    keep it up gal the only way is down!! :D

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  17. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    How are you getting on?

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