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im fed up!!!!


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hi their my names laura been doin sw 3 weeks now, im sooo fed up!!! aimed to loose 3lbs yesterday but only lost 1and half so now im really dissapointed in myself-i really wish i wasnt but i just feel like pigging owt on rubbish........cos thats wot id usually do feeling like this, so in my head deep down ive learnt nothing i feel because im actually concidering blowing it by eating the same crap i always have-grrrrrhhhh!!! help:(:(

1st WI-6and half pound
2nd WI-4 and half pounds-half stone award
3rd WI-1 and half pounds
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Come on Byron! You have lost an amazing amount of weight in just 3 weeks! Now you obviously realise that if you go and pig out you will be back on the same route, and then you'll feel really fed up with yourself! Thats nearly a stone ! You'll get your next award next week which will boost you up! You do know that you need to stick with this, and you won't lose great chunks every week, but it all adds [email protected] spoil it, you are doing wonderfully well! This time you WILL do it!


Trying again!!!
That is a fantastic weight loss in just 3 weeks ~ 1.5lbs loss in a week is really good, if you add that up over a year that's a BIG loss! Try not to be down xx


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thankyou yr all really wot i need when i feel like this!!!!!!!!! im makin scan bran forero roches for the 1st time to overcome this "I NEED A CHOCOLATE FIX"" mood, wish me luck lolx


slow but steady!
ur doing amazing i have been doing it for 3 weeks and lost just 8 pounds which i am still chuffed with coz i really havnt been doing it 100% have been over with my syns on several occassions lol!

so keep it up! not far from a whole STONE thats amazing

well done i know it's hard to keep going when u feel like this but think how annoyed u will be if u pig out now i know i done it myself last night and was furious with myself afterwards, the ferrero rocher sound nice how do u make them and where do u get scan bran from thanks and good luck x :grouphugg:
Took me 5 weeks to lose 7lb with an underactive thyroid, I would be over the moon losing 1.5lb. If you want a piece of choccy then have it, just build it into your syns then you can be a happy bunny and still lose weight when you are weighed again.


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if you look on the sw recipe section the recipes is their love, also u can buy scan bran from holland and barrat x
thanks for that will take a look x
Don't give up!!

You have done amazingly!! :553:

Please don't give up - I started SW after Christmas and by the end of January was disappointed that I had only lost 7lbs I went off the plan in a strop and now 4 months later I've just started again having put back on 5 of the 7lbs I lost :cry:

If I'd stuck at it I'd probably be 2 stone lighter and less than half a stone away from where I want to be :sigh:

Keep up the good work!!!!!


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To be honest you were probably being a bit unrealistic to expect to lose 3lb this week. You've already lost a lot of weight in a comparatively short period of time and I'm impressed that you lost anything this week. I always found that after a bigger weight loss my body needed to play catch-up and I would sts or lose very little the following week. Now you're a few weeks into the plan your weight loss will settle and 1 to 2lbs a week is an excellent amount to aim for.
At the risk of repeating everything everyone else has said, You are doing really well - you have lost alot in a short time and you will probably settle into a pattern of 1-2 lbs a week from now on. You are lucky I have never had big losses I just loose 1.5 to 2lbs per week. Think about the fact that you have done so well so far. Huggs for you.


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Laura, in three weeks you've lost more than I think I'd lost in three months! Time for a chill pill, hun. You're doing wonderfully well. A healthy weight loss is between 1-2lbs per week. Not only is this better for your poor heart than your weight dropping so much all the time, it's better for sustainable weight loss too. I mean, you don't want to lose 3lbs every week and then put it all back on as soon as you start eating "normally", do you?

Like I always say, get the butter out and look at how much fat you've lost. Not nice, is it? And now it's gone and won't be back.

Huge congratulations on your weight loss.
Hi, i,ve been at slimming world since August 08 and have lost 4 stone, but today i am feeling a bit fed up, looking for new idea's for red days, can anyone help pleeeeeeeeeeeze.


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I know how you feel. I started again 2 weeks ago and in my first week only lost 1/2 lbs. Soooooooooo disapointing and I stuck to it 100% Hubby is doing it with me and we ate the same food. He lost 6 1/2 lbs. I really wanted to give in, but then my fighting spirit took over and this week I was 3 1/2LBs down. I also have an underactive thyroid. But Im not giving up.

Enjoy those home made chocies.


Bring it on!
12lb in 3 weeks is absoloutely cracking. Try and remember that any loss is still a loss and even the little ones add up. If you average a pound a week then in a year it's nearly 4 stone and that's a big load off! Keep going :)

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