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I'm feeling a bit chuffed.... 1st weigh in


Eyes on the Prize!!
:D I had to change from my weigh in on Weds PM to Tues AM and next week will be Mondays PM........ anyways basically I had my first full day on LT on Thursday last week so today I guess would be officially day 6 and I have lost 9lbs !! :scale:

I have never lost that in a week. The most I have lost is 5lbs on the first week of weight watchers so this is a massive boost.

The first week is really hard just as everyone has said. I love it on here as people say it like it is. Yes it's hard, yes you're breath will smell!! But and this is the big thing BUT it is worth it when you get your first weigh in. And you are all right!! It SO is.

I feel more determined to carry on. I want to see if I can get a few more off this week so that when I go back I might have even lost a stone! That would be awesome but even if it is a stone in 3 weeks that's half the time it took me on weight watchers.

Yeay!! :D
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Otherwise known as Jools
Brilliant well done you :) good inspiration for the next week - keep up the good work
Its great to hear positives and see real results and to know theres others out there going thru the same stuff. Keep it up, you will be at goal in no time x


Eyes on the Prize!!
Thanks Janie!! As soon as I stepped off the scales I thought yeay I can update my tracker. Ha how weird is that!!
its this forum its just brill, we are all in same boat and its great that everyone is so encouraging, its kinda like i dont just wanna do this for me anymore, i wanna do it for all you cos your all going thru it too, if u get what i mean x
Absolutely fabulous Crunchy! Well done sweetie. You can tell you're over the moon!

You have done so well, and all the initial luckiness will soon be forgotten.

That fantastic first weigh in will spur you on and make you more determined.

Well done!! xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on your fab result for week 1. There really is a fab buzz from that first weigh in. You will find yourself looking forward each week to your next weigh in. Some weeks will be better than others but it will balance out to around the stone per month.
lots of luck for next week. Keep strong!
Fabulous..bring on week 2 ...:p


No longer a redhead though!
Hi Crunchy thats good news. I was wondering about weigh in days. My chemist is nice and supportive but is rather laid back thinking she's being helpful. I got weighed yesterday and start LT tomorrow (Thursday) I asked 'when should I come in to weigh' and she said whatever fits in with you. What I wanted to know was should I go back on the Thursday or the Wednesday, or is she right and it doesn't really matter!?

I dashed back to put up my ticker he he


Eyes on the Prize!!
Hi Lisa

I'd prefer my weigh day to be Monday after work so that's why I've changed mine. I didn't want to wait a whole weekend to start so I started as soon as I could (sensibly!) I had an exam so I didn't want to start the day before that!! So this week I went a day early and next week will be a day early so that I can go at the time on the day that I want to.

To be honest I felt I really needed that extra boost one day early as I was feeling so low about it all and even though my own scales were telling me I had lost at least 8lbs somehow it didnt sink in until the pharmascist told me. She even said she could notice in my appearance. So that was a huge boost.

you have to do what suits you.

Best of luck xxxxx

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