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I'm feeling sad.

And maybe I should add that I am a serial morning weigher and for the last three days I have been stuck on the same bloody weight. Not to mention I am still having TOTM.


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You're doing great!! Did you take before photos? If you did take some new ones and just see the difference. You're still seeing the same person as before but I assure and promise you that you will look different, and you'll look great I'm sure! Just keep thinking why you're doing it, you'll get to your goal hun!
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! did not take before pics as I couldn't bare to look at at the mass. I don't do photos :-(
Seriously-start taking some photos from now! I know it might be hard to look at them when you think you look so fat and awful-but when you see the difference when you get to goal you'll thank yourself. I can hardly bear to look at my before photos-I would run a mile if anyone pointed a camera at me-but now, 2 months down the line and 2 stone less, I don't mind what I see quite so much. OK I'm not there yet, but I'm excited to see how much my body's changing. The way you feel right now is your TOTM talking and that's probably why your scales aren't shifting. I know it's easier said than done but stay off the scales right now.


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Dont be too hard on yourself, sounds as if your hormones are a bit askew.

When I lost 4 stone I didnt see myself any different when I looked in the mirror, I still thought I looked huge - nobody else thought that . What changed my view was a photo my partner had taken of me where you couldnt see my face. When he asked me who I thought it was I initially didnt realise it was me cos it looked too small. I think our brains take a while to catch up with the mirror. Now if only I hadn't put back on 1 and a bit stone!

Keep your chin up.

Don't be sad, sending a biiig hug :) you're doing great!

I think it's hard to see how much weight you've lost because it comes off all over your body, so you are still the same proportions and look the same to yourself. That's why photos are great, comparing the difference, maybe one fronal and one side one a month, and you will see what progress you've made. Maybe you should go and try on some fancy clothes and see how great you look then! xx


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OMG how down on yourself can you be? Did you measure? I knwo I have measured & took pics as I no full well I will have day sliek you are having.
If you didnt measure of photo then just look at your signature hun, thats amazing & IF I stick to it half as long as you have I will be so god damn proud of myself. You are an inspiration to a newbie like me & you must look so much better than before with all that weight off.
I think its time ya bought a new outfit, only one cos it wont last long :) but summat more fitting & flattering??

Feel for ya, this journey is a tough road
Keep at it tho cos the destination will be perfect I am sure
Thanks everyone.

I'm in floods of tears here thinking that i'm still a walking mess. I know what I am doing is right. I have been 100% throughout and I don't plan on giving up either. I think I am mostly sad because of the weight I was/am and the fact that I wont be a decent tidy size for months to come. Maybe I am impetient?


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Oh babes we are the same weight now and I feel amazing.lol.........maybe next week will be diff tho as the dreaded totm is here and I will be in your shoes.............You have done amazingly well to lose that much in such a short space of time and the scales dont lie................just keep off them for a couple of days and you will be pleasantly surprised...........x


hey Mrs, chin up. I also plateau for the first 3-4 days of the week and then get a wee whoosh at the end.

Its will come - you're doing something about it thats the main thing.

Get some pics done, and then some more in another half stone and look at the difference. Its always better in pics as you see yourself in the mirror every day so get used to what you see.
Thanks everyone.

I'm in floods of tears here thinking that i'm still a walking mess. I know what I am doing is right. I have been 100% throughout and I don't plan on giving up either. I think I am mostly sad because of the weight I was/am and the fact that I wont be a decent tidy size for months to come. Maybe I am impetient?
You are doing really well. We started off at exactly the same weight and I still have a fair way to go yet too. Of course there are times when I wish I could be at goal now, but I know that I'll get there. I could never have done this on any other diet-it was always 1 step forward and three back. I'm not thinking of an exact date to get to goal-just that I intend to be there before Christmas and maintaining on my holidays. We all get impatient from time to time-but I know if I was doing SW like before it would have taken a good 18 months/2 years to lose all my weight. This is just a few short months out of my life. It'll be worth it.:)


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You did & are doing far better than me hun. I started Lipotrim at 19st 3, I am now 17st 10 so I let myself go far heavier than you did but do ya knwo what, none of taht matters. What actually matters is you are here & doing something about it for you!!! Thsi kind of diet is never gonna be easy & I cried myself to sleep on Sat night after nearly divorcing hubby & it was all because I wanted to eat but I didnt wanna eat either (if that makes sense)
Just keep coming on here for a shout & a scream & them hormones will die down soon too & am sure ya will be feeling much better.
Good luck hun
Think I must have lost the 26pound from my purse......

Anyway I have had my last pack of the day and plan an early night. My period has been 16days long now, Maybe I need to see the doc?



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I know what you mean about still feeling huge, i feel exactly the same, i still feel 18st i dont really know why, I see the scales yea yea but in my head im still 18st, i think your right about being impatient, im the same, just want it hurry up and get to goal, tom is deffo playing a part in how your feeling, Luckily i do have some before pics and now, i do look at them occasionaly to convince myself i do look different, Force yourself to take pics it will really help you. 2 Stone is alot of weight, you should be proud of yourself, and in no time at all it will be another 2 gone, chin up,


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Seriously, take photos!! I HATE them too, but I know they'll be a great motivational tool. They can just be for you, no-one else needs to see them at all. Though, once you hit goal you'll be showing them to anyone and everyone just to show how well you've done! But seriously, I recommend it. It's hard to see just looking at how you're changing as it's a gradual thing, so photos help!
Two stone is a massive amount, honey. Try carrying something round that heavy for a day.
I have a theory that it takes our minds a little while to catch up..but they do!
If you are having a hideous period, you are bound to feel sluggish and cr*p. If they don't usually last 16 days, might be worth seeing your doctor - you might be bit anaemic, which won't help how ypu are feeling.
Chin up, you are doing so well and you need to cut yourself a bit of slack. I recommend Take a Break magazine and a duvet. xxxxx


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You are doing really well, look at how many of your goals you have already achieved - 5 out of the 7 you set yourself. I am sure it is hormones that are making you down, the fact that your period is going on (and on) must be taking it out of you. I would def think about seeing the doctor.

If you don't have photos to compare try on some old clothes and look at yourself honestly - you will see the difference.

Be kind to yourself! You are doing really REALLY well. x


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Hey hon.
Just wanted to say your doing so well..Give yourself a big pat on the back. You are getting closer and closer to goal and your doing fab..
So chin up take some pics now and before you know it you will see even bigger changes..
Big hugs honey xx