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im feeling stuck

ive lost 1stone 3lbs so far but for past few weeks ive hovered over 13stone 1 to 13stone 3 its driving me nuts. i excersize 3 times a week at bootcamp and stick to sw. i no longer attend class but im not doing anything differently to when i started. maybe eating less some days as by the time i get in from booty im just wrecked and no longer hungry but dont like eating before as it makes me feel sick. all my friends keep teling me to stick with it im just having a bit of a lull and that ive done well so far going from size 20 to a 16. i desperately wanna get below that 13 stone mark. i know ive still tons more to go till im at goal but being stuck is really disheartening.
i was reccomended by a friend to try some of those alli tablets but with sw its quiet a low fat diet anyways so dont think it would make a huge difference.
rant over lol xx
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First of all well done on your loss so far!

Secondly - have you tried keeping a food diary? It's really easy for extra syns to creep in if you don't write it all down. If you put it on here there are lots of people who will advise you as to things that you can maybe tweak. It may also show that you're not eating enough which can also stall weight loss. Are you drinking plenty of fluids? Especially if you're exercising lots fluids are really important.

As for alli tablets. As you say it shouldn't make a massive difference due to the low fat nature of SW but I personally wouldn't take them - a friend did and the effects sounded horrific.


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Keep going. If you give up all you will do is undo the great work you have done so far. I know how disheartening it is but keep going and the scales will move eventually.
Are you drinking plenty fluids?
I wouldn't think alli would be beneficial if your sticking to plan as i've heard it just passes the fats through you, so as you say its a low fat diet itself. xx
hi thanx for the reply i still keep a diary so know im sticking with the plan. i asked doctor this morning about the alli pills and she said its more for inactive ppl and ive done so well so far that she wouldnt reccomend them. she also said since im so active now with going to booty that it will be increase of muscle mass. told me just to stick with it and dont give up. so im going to plod along maybe add a swimming session in this week. also try drinking less diet coke and more water ive always drunk cans and cans of the stuff its my secret addiction. fingers crossed something comes off this weekxxx

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