im finding this really hard ! :(

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    not the whole weight watcher plan in general.
    but the fact that im 18 years old..and when i get together with my friends.. they like the alcohol & the pizzas & crisps & Chinese and all that kind of stuff.
    & i know theres the weeklys to fall back on ,but firstly, the weeklys arent gonna cover everything, and secondly im finding the temptation really hard!
    i try to eat like maybe 1 slice of pizza, and one maybe 2 alcopops and a bit of chocolate.. but its there and my friends are eating / drinking it without a care in the world ( lucky them! ) but i just want a bit of motivation on how to resist the temptation, but still feel like im included on the fun without holding back!
    any tips? :(
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  3. Roo_88

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    Chin up, I have every faith In you and you need to believe in yourself!! Just like you I am a student I used to weight 15st2 but I reached that point in my life when I realised that's something had to be done and I'm now 5st lighter. =] I'm now a size 8/10 and can honestly say that no matter how good them 8 large pieces of domino pizza are to demolish there is no better feeling in the world than being thin and your close feeling lighter. :)
    My tips would be:
    - always plan a head if you know your going to have pizza plan ahead. Eat low or free foods through the day so you can enjoy more when your with your mates, or go smaller and bulk it up with a side salad. I always go for an individual with low topping such as veg and just have a salad with it. :)
    - increase your activity level (doing more exercise through the day/ week makes you feel so less guilty) :)
    - alcohol I always pick a mixer and diet pop I pour myself like one or two so they see im drinking then go on diet pop for the rest of the night or do, one alcohol drink, one pop, one alcohol drink, one pop... Hehe
    Have you told you friends? As I live with a house of 5 girls as im in uni and found them really supportive. We now exercise together and have less of our binges!! It really helps. :)
    Hope I've helped you out... Let me know how you get on. You can do it!!
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    I would agree with roo, deffo try and plan ahead then ur not caught out with situations like that. You have your weeklies there for a reason hun, so dont feel bad for using them for a bit of a treat. Im guessing this probably only happens at weekends, so just do a 100% week and 90% weekend, using ur weeklies and u should be fine! xx
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    Try to build up lots of activity points. They are so handy to have there just in case.
  6. Laurenm10

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    aw thankyou so much guys !! thats actually helped alot ! yeah its just mainly saturdays, so im defo gonna try a 100% week and use weeklies and that on saturdays! i really like the diet coke idea, im defo trying that ;) !! i feel alot better about the whole thing now tbh knowing that there are ways i can still do it & have fun without worrying about points and weight etc. i just have to plan :D
    thankyou so much for the tips and advice and support & motivation! really means alot :D xxx
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