Im finishing LL and swaping to CD what can I expect? What flavours?


Starting again...
Hiya, im going to see a CD lady on thursday, she ISNT a qualified counsellor so should she be selling it to me?

Anyway what flavours are there? whats the price?

whats the best flavours ?

Ummm - I'm not sure about this: I'm sure a qualified CDC will be along in a mo to give you better advice on this - but where is she getting her stock from??

As far as I was aware, Cambridge will only sell to qualified registered CDCs. Sorry, I might be wrong but this sounds a wee bit dodgy.

From an official source, the RRP for 21 packs (3 per day on SS) is £32.50 although some CDCs charge a little more (this is permitted).

Flavours are:
Vanilla / Toffee & Walnut / Chocolate / Choc mint / Cappachino / Banana / Butterscotch / Strawberry / Fruits of the Forest
Vegetable / Chicken & Mushroom / Spicy tomato
Bars (all chocolate covered)
Chocolate / Caramel / Malt toffee / Choc orange / Peanut crunch / Cranberry crunch
Chocolate & Banana
Water flavourings (Summer Berry & Orange)

Debbie x