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Is it just me or do you feel the cold more on this diet,
I know the weather has turned but my feet and nose have icicles on them,my family think im mad coz ive had the heating on
last week it was green poo
this week its hypothermia

at least the fat was handy at keeping me warm lol
Hi Whirlwind

I have had days of feeling cold on this diet but didn't realise until last night that that is a symptom of being in ketosis. It was mentioned in a post on this forum so it is actually a good thing. Put a vest and some socks on and think of the fat your burning!
You're not the only one :) Most people feel the cold on this diet.

I managed to fit it in nicely with the menopause. The constant hot flushes kept me flying to open windows :D
I froze my knackers off on the diet (technical term!)

You wait until the weather gets colder and you will be going to bed at night with 3 pairs of socks on.

It sure is, enjoy it!!!!!! I get a perverse pleasure out of being cold, knowing my fat cells are goinG!!!