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I'm full of ....!


Is so doing it this time
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Hi everyone I'm really sorry about this post in advance but I really need someones help..... pleeease :sigh:

I know I shouldn't have but on Sunday morning I weighed myself (I'm a Tues morn weigh-er) and I was really excited as I had lost 2lb.... BUT because I'm so constipated by the time Tues WI came around and cos I had not been able to go I ended up showing a gain of half lb. Needless to say I was gutted and ended up crying in the toilet where my friend found me and then going home. Anyway someone told me to take Lactulose to get things moving which I did twice yesterday. This morning having been clearer out yesterday (FOUR :eek: times) I was back down by 2.5lb's. (It just goes to show you how heavy poo is) But I'm worried about the syns in the Lactulose which I have since been told is 5.5syns per 5ml and I took 30ml yesterday..... that's 33syns :eek: :eek: :eek:

Have managed not to completely ditch the plan but am so worried about taking the Lactulose just don't know what to do anymore :cry::cry:

I've been eating loads of fruit and veg and having my HEX b's. I've even tried the scran bran :( I used to have loads of butter and high fat things before which is prob what kept be regular but I just don't know what to do...... :cry:someone please help me :cry: :cry:
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Lactulose is a syrup, which is why its high in syns. You would probably be better taking a Senakot which are available over the counter. I wouldnt recommend doing it often because you are just encouraging your bowels to be lazy and not make their own effort to shift it, but if its been a while without going, then you could use them as an occasional thing.

Keep drinking plenty of water, if you arent already, the more fluids, the less constipated you will be.
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Calm down, you're letting weight loss rule your life. Ok we all get constipated at times, that's how it goes. Drink plenty of water, have scan bran for hexb or try Aloe Vera capsules (available from health shops).

Stop stressing about the Lactulose, count this towards your weekly syns & you'll find you've still got plenty to have.

It works out ok in the end;)
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its done now hun draw a line under it and carry on as normal.
don't let it worry you or it will ruin your week.


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I have problems "going" but find the Activia fat free yogurts help me, and they are syn free, bonus! I just incorporate them into the plan, I have at least 1 yogurt a day. It takes a couple of weeks to start feeling the benefits (regularity) but they do work for me.;) I have to agree with MLM, anysort of medicinal laxative can have a "lazy bowel" effect, I know, I've been there:eek:.
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Taking laxatives to aid weight loss really does not sound like a good plan. As others have said, you certainly do not want to form a habit of that.

I am guilty of jumping on and off the scales reguarly, often quite a few times a day, but I do agree with those on here who say it is a bad habit. If you, like me, insist on doing it, you must appreciate that weight does fluctuate and stop reacting to it. Its easy done as last week during my period I was suddenly 4 pounds heavier - I was not happy but just carried on with the plan and a few days later, the extra period weight had gone.

Sorry if that sounds like too much nagging. x

Mrs V

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Sometimes a laxative is the only thing that will help...I know. I used to take them when I was on the Camebridge diet and they helped. One thing that really does help is water hun. You will be less bunged with the water as it should help to flush things through.
Dont fret about the syrup as the others have said, just keep on plan and now that things are moving again it will be fine.
I have found that I dont go to the loo every day even with the quantity of fruit and veg that I eat, its not doing any harm and you should not worry over it.

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I've just come across this on the FAQ's on SW website:-

Q: I'm using Lactulose - will it affect my weight loss?

A: Medical advisors have informed us that because medication such as this is not absorbed by the body it does not provide any energy, and therefore should not affect your weight loss.

Many members also ask whether it would have a Syn value but again, as it is not absorbed by the body it would not need to be counted as Syns.

So don't wory about the SYNS, there aren't any.
I used to have laxatives as I have in the past had trouble going - but i found they were useless!!!

I now try to have water, more fruit and veg - and if in trouble - a scan bran cake!!! :D

Try to look for natural alternatives rather than quicker solutions!!! better for you in the long run, as you may become dependant on the syrups/tablets etc each week - which isnt a nice place to be in!



Wishing and hoping!
I have to take Lactulose and have it on repeat proscription. Most of my life I suffered with cronic conspitation and my OH thinks I have IBS. I need to take the meds not through choice but I feel really bloated and don't go for a number two for days on end and it causes me to have bladder infections because it is pushing on my bladder. Also, I have since recently been not able to control my bladder when I have my period as a result of constipation, which is horriable and have to wash my self so much during my period as I feel so dirty :)
I would definately take it if is causing you pain and it has given me great relief, although I find the syrup makes me gag everytime!


Is so doing it this time
S: 16st8lb C: 15st6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st2lb(6.9%)
Thank you everyone for all your replies :) I certainly haven't been taking Lactulose to aid weight loss its just because I'm having so many problems trying to go! And thank you Missyp284 it's a relief to know it's not got any syns.

I have been slipping on my water intake so I'll up it and try to do more exercise.

I just felt really upset that at class it said I had gained and I knew it was because I was full of you know what! If I had weighed in at a Wed morn class it would have shown a loss thats what upset me x
I think there is a VAST difference between abusing laxatives to further weight loss, and taking them on occasion for the purpose they were intended. This post quite definitely fell in the latter of those two categories.

If this is a persistent ongoing problem though and you arent getting relief from the usual drink more water eat more fibre approach, and OTC laxatives are being used every few days or so when a build up wont shift, then it is definitely important that you discuss this with your GP.
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I would try yoga as well. All the mad bending and controlled breathing has some kind of effect on pushing things along the tubes. The day after is a "proud" day where you wish you had weighed yourself before and after (sorry for being graphic but it's true!).


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I'm another Activia / Bio yogurt fan. I have one at breakfast time every morning.
Be careful re eating scan bran and not drinking enough wanter to flush them through as this could have the reverse of the effect you're looking for!!
I prefer wholemeal rice to having scan bran as the effect is the same but more gentle. I mix a few spoons of cooked brown rice with my activia and fruit for breakfast, and that seems to get things going so to speak.

Good luck.



Just doing it this time
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I was hoping for a 4lb loss this week and get my stone award. Unfortunately because I too was so so constipated I only lost 2lb's - I don't like lactulose but I've bought some senakot tablets - day 2 - still nothing at the moment...............hoping when I go - I REALLY go - and maybe will lose the last 2lb's this week to get that stone award.

Must reiterate here, I don;'t take the tablets to aid weight loss - have never done that, just find when I'm on SW my bowel plays up and blocks up and I do have to have a helping hand. I eat loads of fruit, veg and the proper HEB's - it still gets clogged though.

Good luck to you
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If you are an egg fiend this can also bung you up.

I use a Gillian McKeith trick which is really simple and really brilliant.

Sit on a chair or the sofa or even on the bed with your feet propped up slightly higher than bum level, as if you would be if you were sat on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on a slightly higher surface.
This makes your body think it's on the loo and will also cause your tummy muscles to push down. Similar to the position a lady would be in for having a baby.
Sip a peppermint or nettle tea or some warm water with lemon and the warmness of the water and the digestive qualities of the peppermit/nettle/lemon will ease the bowel movement.
Takes a few tries to get it right but it works. Within half an hour you should feel the need to push… get thee to a loo as quickly as possible!


Is so doing it this time
S: 16st8lb C: 15st6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st2lb(6.9%)
Thanks peeps, I will definitely give the Gillian McKeith method a go but I cant see me doing the yoga just yet not at my size! I'd be way to embarrassed :eek: I already have an Activia a day but will try adding the rice to it and already on my third water bottle of the day!

I did post a thread about indigestion/eggs the other day and went to the doctor again about the pain under my rib cage. She's referred me for a scan and said it may be gall stones or it could be an ulcer. I was wondering if the constipation could be linked to the pain. She said it cant be indigestion because I wake up with the pain :(

But hey I took everyone's advise and went for 1hr 3/4 walk with by water bottle, the children and the neighbours dog! xx


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S: 10st4lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
...But hey I took everyone's advise and went for 1hr 3/4 walk with by water bottle, the children and the neighbours dog! xx

Blimey Riley - that's a LONG walk. Bet your neighbours dog was well chuffed!! Well done x


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Lots of TMI in this post, so be prepared.

I've been having a similar problem and this week is a scan bran challenge week. :(

You can also mention this to your doctor and see if they will prescribe a bulking agent rather than a stimulant or osmotic laxatives. This means there's more mass to the end result, which combined with water will help move things along, these won't make your bowel lazy. Usually isaphugulla husk/wheat bran.

Stay away from things like Bisacodyl/Dulcolax over the counter as these are the stimulant laxatives which are so often open to abuse, and repeated use can cause the afore mentioned lazy bowel.

Also a good strong black coffee, think expresso can help as this is a peristaltic agent, like exercise.

Also don't rule out going to the doctor for a wee double check, as it depends where the constipation is in the bowel, sometimes a glycerin suppository can help soften things up if its at the "business end" that the problems at.

Oh and if you start to get really bad pain in your stomach, or feel nauseated or start to vomit please see your doctor. (this is a worst case scenario but constipation can be quite bad for some people)

Hope things move along soon.

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