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I'm getting so frustrated with this...


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Tomorrow is my official weigh day but I stupidly got on the scales this morning to see how I was doing! I've been working out and eating right all week so I was hoping for at least 2 lbs, but...

I'd stayed the same. Not lost a lb! NOTHING!

So, to try and shift some weight for tomorrow I decided to do a double work out this morning. I did 2 hours in the gym instead of one (and I'm off to a class later). I cycled over 20k on the bike and jogged over 6k on the treadmill. I am knackered.

Then I (STUPIDLY) weighed again when I got home and.....

I'd put on 2lbs! 2lbs?! WTF?!

I am so annoyed with myself for weighing again as now I am totally bummed out and feel like giving up. I still have like 65lbs to lose and it's going to take forever at this rate.

I will weigh officially tomorrow morning and hope the exercise from today shows up then, but I'm thinking it's not likely :(

Sorry for the rant. I don't expect any replies, I'm just venting!!
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you really shouldn't get on the scales inbetween WI's lol :) you won't have a 2lbs gain don't worry, after working out your using your muscles that store water, therefore it will all be water retention etc, once this has worked it's way out of your body (by tomorrow!) you will be fine :)
Muscles retain water after exercise, I've done 4 zumba classes in 3 days and my scales haven't moved , I love exercise now lifts depression I'm smaller now than I ever gave been at the same weight. They say scales aren't always a good guide over short periods that's why measuring helps. Last month I list about 2lbs total was 99% and exercised and I lost over 8 inches.

I know how you feel scales going lower always makes it feel like it's working but measurements are a good motivator too xx


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S: 19st4lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 0st5lb(1.85%)
Thanks for the replies.

I hadn't thought about measuring myself. Maybe I'll give that a go tomorrow and see how I'm doing!

Thank you xx


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Step away from those scales. I think when you join a ww class you should have to hand in your old bathroom scales cos they are they biggest demotivator I know, we all become obsessive and scale hop.

As it has been said about water retention it will more than likely be that. Try and sticj to class weigh in. I used to get my husband to put the scales in the loft so i couldn't get to them!

Good luck x
This is a good post to come across..

Was wondering about doing less exercise on my WI day as I heard you might not see a loss straight after doing lots of exercise as wasn't to sure on that..

Reading about the muscles and water being retained, it makes sense now, but regardless should I still do my exercises on WI day and just in the morning and leave it for the afternoon ready for evening WI?
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If you do the same thing every week then you're OK. Or even not and know why it may vary, as long as the trend is downward, you know you're losing
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Aah, but i find if i DONT step on my scales during the week, i tend to put on weight? I find if im the same weight or lost a little bit, it keeps me on track, if ive put on a little bit, it makes me work harder? Or am I the only one??

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