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I'm going it alone...


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I've made the decision to leave class as I simply cant afford it & the £20 a month that i'm spending would be alot better spent on food as we're so poor at the moment that we're struggling to even go shopping
so slimming world has to go for the moment & i'm gunna carry it on myself at home. I'm going to weigh once a week & get some new scales to do it with. Only thing i'm TERRIFIED of is loosing syns online but im sure i'll manage!

Wish me luck girls, i'm officially going it alone
i'm going to go out and get some decent scales today and will continue to weigh on a Thursday morning I think. Gunna need all your help im sure! x
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There are lots of here on who are 'going it alone' so you will have lots of company, plus everyone will help you and tell you your syns too.....so good luck to you and welcome to the 'going it alone club' - you'll do fine, X
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I started going it alone when I decided I couldn't justify £20 a month, I was terrified that this would be the start of the slippery slope to weight gain but I've been doing so much better! I weigh at a Boots in town, the same one every Wed, and I don't even feel the urge to weigh inbetween. We all have to leave class eventually and if you know the diet inside and out you'll have no problems. Good luck!


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Hey Mumtums

Just to let you know I do SW online so have always done it at home by myself (although I do still pay and get on-line access). I did this through choice and it has always worked perfectly for me. I know you won't have the website, but you have minimims!

You CAN do it this way. I know some people think it requires more willpower not to go to classes, but I disagree. If you are determined and focussed you will lose weight.

good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Q

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I can only echo what the others said - they are absolutely right. Good on you for being determined to do it on your own and not give up altogether.

I wouldn't worry about not having access to syn value's, as in my experience you can post on the syn values thread on here and there are loads of people who are happy to help.

Good luck :)
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Hi ya, I'm a go it aloner too and my daughter weighs me everyweek (cos I cann't see the numbers over the boobs and belly yet) but I do find the fact that someone else is weighing me means I cann't be in denial when I don't get the result I want. Good luck and anything you want to know just ask on here. xx


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S: 13st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st0lb(7.69%)
Thanks guys!! I'm determind to get to my target weight so defo sticking to it!!

I've also sorted my WW scales so no need to buy some more either :D i've emailed my consultant to let her know i wont be coming back too x
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Youl be absoloutly fine! and i agree with weighing at boots if you can.. and itd be cheaper than investing in neew scales..

maybe investing in a food directory to help with syns before you leave through class would be helpful as you wont have access to online??

Youl do just aswell without class, dont you fret :) youl do fab :) xxx

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