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I'm going to need new clothes soon!

I am hoping to get some advice! I am going to need to get some new clothes soon, but do not want to spend loads as I am expecting to be shrinking quite fast! I used to be a size 22 in Monsoon, 24/26 in Marks and Spencers and think I am probably doing to need size 20 clothes as everything is very baggy!

so my question is...where can i get good value clothes in larger sizes? What size do Primark and Matalan go up to (have always assumed I am too big for their clothes)? Is there anywhere else that is good value that I should be looking? I am just going to need smartish work clothes/jeans and some nice tops!

thanks for any help you can give!

Chantal x
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Asda goes up to a 20 something. Some of there stuff is lovely. I have yet to go and shop in a "normal" shop, so not much help im afraid.


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George at asda do up to a 24, peacocks do up to a 24 (in some things), next do up to a 22, ethel austin has just started doing larger sizes up to a 22 i think. Primark I don't know.. Matalan do mainly 18-20, but have a larger range which goes upto a 28. Debenhams go up to a 20. New look normal range goes up to a 18. inspire range goes up to a 28 in new look too...Hope you find these helpful...Love


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eeeeeeeeeeeebay!! Wash everything first though!!

I'd always buy a good pair of jeans (although not £140 good) cause you will wear them to death.

Have fun!!

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Evans! I know theres a bit of a stigma attached to it, but Evans do lovely stuff from size 16 up, so at a 20 you will feel quite slim- you may struggle to find stuff in your size as lots of stock is in larger sizes, but I used to love them in my larger days. Their jeans are especially good!

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PS Primark go up to an 18 (altho generally their sizes group 2 together i.e. 12-14 and 16-18) and I didnt fit much of it until I got down to a standard, across the board 16. Some of their 16-18 tops are generous, but I would say give it a bit longer and then take a trip and go crazy!!


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My CDC recommended Primark too as they are very cheap. I am a 16-18 now instead of a 26-28 so I cleared out my wardrobe at the weekend which didnt leave me much to wear. I will be taking a trip to Primark myself in the next 2 weeks to get some stuff to tide me over until I get down to a 14 which I will be happy with.

In Stockton where I live we also have Bon Marche which sell cheap clothing, ie 3 tops for £8 etc. I got a size 20 pair of jeans from there for £12 which were excellent quality but which I have almost grown out of hehe, will be going back soon to get a size 16 or 18.

Also check to see if you have an Ex Catalogue store near you, there is one in Stockton which sells catalogue returns and I have gotten loads of things from there, ie 16-18 jersy skirt for £2.99 and tops for £1.49 etc.

Hope this helps.
I've just cleared my wardrobe for the third time and am finding it really frustrating every time I go to put something on and it's too baggy/big. Shouldn't really moan about it though should I!! I was wearing up to a 22 and am now in a 16 in most places but not all Primark stuff cos their sizes are not really standard. Some things in 18 just fit and some things in 16 are ok so you really need to try. Matalan's pretty good for cheap stuff and a lot of it goes up to a 20. I've found that I've just got to try everything on otherwise I end up having to take an awful lot back!!

Good luck with your journey, and happy shopping:D


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i think asda are pretty good value for money
and primark are good plus they have lots of sales aswell
just kitted my daughter out in her summer shorts and t-shirts for the grand amount of £15.00
but she is only 2yrs old lol

roll on the days when i can buy something from primark
I think Ebay is the way to go, and especially the US one, the cuts are better, and its soooooooo much cheaper. More and more sellers are selling brand new clothing too. Maybe just a few key items to see you through :) Well done on the loss!

And Rallya - OMG what amazing stats! Are there any pics of your progress posted anywhere?

TT xx
Another place to look is your local freecycle group there's always loads of people giving clothes away on there and it's even better because it's free, OK so you run the chance of getting some things that you wouldn't wear but also the chance of getting stuff that you would, then when your finished with that size and down into the next you can freecycle them on to someone else! (god I sound like a right cheapskate:) )



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Hi TT,
Have you bought from Ebay US?I've had some bargains from Ebay UK(and some rubbish!:eek: )As the USD exchange rate is so good,I might give it a try!
I swear by evans and i will still shop there for as long as possible...........there range lately has got fantastic there isnt a girls night out gone by where i havent found something funky and fashionable to wear out

Really impressive their latest range!!

Failing that the inspire range in new look is really good!!
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I agree that Bon Marche is a good place to get some cheapie stuff ... don't be put off by the 'granny' image - they have some really nice stuff!

I also trawl the charity shops and have found some really fab bargains (anyone at the Portsmouth meet remember my long black velvet coat?)

Well done on your progress so far :)
Wow! thank you all so much! We have just had an offer on our flat so are house hunting this weekend (and possibly every weekend after that til we find somewhere to live!) so I think I might have to get some safety pins til I have time to hit the shops! There is an Asda nearby so will have to start doing our food shopping there more often!

Thanks again for all the replies!

C xx

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