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I'm gonna do it this time!

Hey everyone, :)

I'm halfway through my first day and Its going pretty well so far. I had a butterscotch shake for breakfast (which I was surprised to find it was yummy!) and I've just used half a ready made pack to make a mocha coffee. I've drunk 2 litres of water so far and I'm only slightly hungry.

I thought about having a soup for lunch, but its difficult to make one at work (limited facilities) and besides, I tend to get hungrier at night so I'm going to have a soup and a shake this evening.

So it half past two and I've got another litre and a 1/4 of water and another mocha coffee to get me through the rest of today. Its hard! I really missed my apple this morning, and this afternoon just isn't going to be the same without my 2 mandarins and a banana!

This evening will be hardest though. I've still got to cook for my man (because otherwise he doesn't eat!) and try not to steal a taste! He will have to keep tasting my sauce until its right - I just hope I don't automatically taste the food I cook without thinking about it!!

Luckily, I'm really busy at work, so I don't have much time to think about food today. I'm planning on "hoovering through my hunger" tonight if I get too hungry!

I'm going to resist weighing myself until next Monday, but I really can't wait to see the results on my scales next week!

You are all fantastic insirpation on here - you've all done so well and lost so much. I hope I can keep the side up and ass my bit to the pounds lost tally! Actually - has anyone actually added up everything everyone has lost? It would be an amazing amount!!!

Well, back to work for a while - I'll be back soon with an update!


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Hi Jools & welcome!:wavey: Glad to hear things are going well so far, just hang in there and it really does get much easier once you've got through the first few days!


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Hi Jools, glad to hear things are going well today, Ive been restarted on cd for 3 weeks but Ive been messing about but determined this week will be purely SS. Its my day 1 of it and not going to bad. Im here if you need any support and definately need someone to give me a boot up the rear at times!! Good luck and you can always pop round to me with the hoover if things get desperate and I can always find you some ironing as well!!!!! Sarahxx.
Good luck and you can always pop round to me with the hoover if things get desperate and I can always find you some ironing as well!!!!! Sarahxx.
Haha! Hoovering I don't mind, but ironing you can keep!!! LOL :D

I can imagine that I'll have the cleanest house in the world by the end of this diet!!! But, anything to distract from hunger pangs eh? Especially when he's eating his dinner!!!

Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks Oiseau for that - I'm clinging to the hope that ketosis starts soon and I'll be into the feel-good-no-hunger stage. Bring it on!!!

I'm getting rather over-excited by it all!!!! :eek:
Me again. Well, I've got just 15 minutes left of my day before I can go home. I've just had another mocha coffee to get me through the commute home and I've got two packs left to look forward too. I feel like I've really achieved something today, even though I've got the evening to get through yet! :rolleyes:

I was just reading on another post that rapid weight loss affects hormones because of the oestrogen being released from the fat cells. Well, forgive me if I'm being too blunt here, but does that mean I'm going to be "in the mood" a bit more often now??? The Crisp Eater (my other half) will be VERY supportive of any diet that results in that kind of reaction in me, I can tell you!! Woohoo! Well, its all good exercise innit? Feeling a bit sexy I can cope with. And in a few months, thanks to CD, I'll be looking a bit more sexy too!!! Yay! :p

Anyhoo, that's used up the last of my day nicely (is it a known occupational hazard of CD, this fall in job efficiency due to posting on minimins???) and I'm off to join the queue of traffic homewards.

Fingers crossed I can get through this evening without stealing one of his crisps (who am I kidding - he'd take my hand off!) or raiding the biscuit tin!! :D

See you all tomorrow!!!

Day two and still hanging in...

Oooofff!! Lunchtime on day two and I'm STARVING!!!! My colleagues have been particularly piggy today. They've been stuffing their faces with crisps, chocolate, fruit, tuna mayo sandwichs (my favourite!!) and I could have happily throttled them for putting temptation near me! They are all men and there's not a spare ounce on any of them and yet they eat like its going out of fashion! NOT FAIR!!!! I'd kill for a tangerine....

I've not had 2 litres of water yet today but I'm still peeing so much its ridiculous! Our water bill will be HUGE!. I drank just over 3 litres yesterday and went to the loo about 27 times! I hope that's enough to see some progress at weigh in. I'm dying to get on the scales.

I wasn't really hungry at all yesterday evening, which is good because I expected it to be a real struggle. I did find myself counting down the hours until bedtime though - I can't be tempted by food if I'm sleeping!!!! I cleaned the bathroom during a particularly nasty bout of hunger pangs, and that killed half an hour. The Crisp Eater suggested that we start taking long walks around the lake when the clocks go back and the nights are lighter. I nearly cried! He's being so supportive of me (apart from the crisp eating!!).

I'm been holding out for as long as possible for my first mocha coffee, but I'm going to have to have it soon. Maybe another glass of water will help me postpone it a bit longer. I wanted to try and save have a carton for tonight because I really missed having a hot drink last night.

Back to work for a bit... well, after my 17th pee of the day, of course!!! :p


I will do this!
hehe well done to you joolz, I'm restarting day 1 tomorrow and looking forward to it but also not looking forward to the millions of toilet trips! With my work I do home visits and I remember last time I was on CD when I arrived I was asking to use the toilet and then again when I left, I swear my carer's must think there's something wrong with me!

Anyway.. I wish you a happy and quick transititon into ketosis and fingers crossed for the same for me!
LOL - Is really is funny isn't it?! My boss has been giving me funny looks all afternoon, I'm just waiting for him to call me into his office and ask what's going on!!! I'll have to fob him off with 'womens problems' then watch him squirm for a bit before sending me back to my desk!
ooooh - now look - its twenty to five and I've had nothing but water since my breakfast shake at 8:30!!

I doubted if I'd manage to resist the mocha coffee today, but really wanted to and I managed to busy myself with a few invoices this afternoon and time flew by without me noticing my tummy rumbling!! Got a slight headache though, but I can deal with that. I got through 2 litres of water and I'll probably sink another litre at least this evening.

I'm soooooooooooo glad I didn't have the coffee - its something to look forward to tonight now!

Oh, it really is the little things that can keep you going sometimes isn't it?

I and DYING to get on the scales!!!!! But must resist RESIST!!!!

Have a great evening everybody!

Oh My, that's AMAZING!!!

I know i shouldn't, I know its naugthy and ill-advised, but I just couldn't help myself ....

I was feeling really yucky when I got up this morning, headachy, cold, exhausted (despite a good night's sleep) and I really needed a boost. So I got on the scales...

I'VE LOST OVER 9 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

In just two days!!!!!

I know its only going to be glycogen and water weight but still, 9 pounds is a hell of a lot in 2 days.

I'm stunned. But very VERY HAPPY!!

YAY!!! For me!!! :p

That'll keep the hunger pangs at bay for a while!!! hehe

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