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Im guttered at my 2nd WI


Im gonna do this..;-)
:wave_cry:Hiya everyone, well i have just been for my 2WI, not very good my loss was only 2lbs, im a bit peeded off with myself. My first wk went really well, but i have strugled this wk with my water intake i know that some days i havnt been drinkin all my 2 litres:cry:. And some nights not been having my last shake till late, does anyone know if that will affect the loss in anyway? I suppose a loss of 10lb in 2 wks is still bloody gud, which im am so pleased at:), but just wished it was more this wk x x
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Hi Hun

So sorry you not happy with your WI but your right 10lbs in 2 weeks is really good
how ever i think you have hit the nail on the head 2lts in the min ... and i have noticed ppl on here who have 5lb-6lb loses every week drink 3-4lts so i am sure it's in the water,
the chemist did say you can have the shakes whenever you like all at once if you wanted it dosent matter as long as you have all 3 in 1 day,

Hope you can up your water hun and have a better lose next week :)


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Sorry you are not happy with your weight loss but at least it's a loss so you are still heading in right direction. Better than STS or a gain. R'ber you're 10lbs lighter, it's gone for good. I struggle with my water intake, cos of a weak bladder, but i've also seen that those who loose more tend to drink more, could be the water. Do you exercise as well?
you're under 16 stone - woo hoo!
you've lost 20% of the weight you wanted to lose - yippee!
you just need to drink more water - easy - just sip regularly through the day - have bottled water wherever you are - work, home, car and sip sip sip - you can do it. 10 lb in two week is awesome!


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Definitely up the water intake as that will most probably be the cause. Did you watch the LT video? It mentions why it is important to drink more water but here's a quick explanation:

90% of the water we consume everyday comes from the food we eat, which is why you need to drink at least 2ltrs per day to replenish what you are not getting from food. Water retention is the biggest bane of anyone's life as this can give you extra weight. The more water you drink, the less your body will hold on to as it knows that it will be replenished (hence peeing loads to start with, but soon this will ease off). So drink more and have less water weight floating about!

It could be that you have some more water retention hanging about- so if you up the intake, next week you should see a somewhat better loss. I find drinking sparkling water really helps. I hated the stuff before LT, but now I am addicted! It also helps get rid of the 'furry tongue' feeling!

Good luck with the next week and hope you find drinking more helps xxxx



Im gonna do this..;-)
:)Thanks everyone, the kick up the backside has been given:) , oh yeah i didnt realise that im now under 16st....thanks for pointing that out hun..whoo hoo. motivation and motivation. Will deff drink more water this wk and im gonna order my rowing machine so i can exercise more at home... i have been thinking about ordering one for a while, so now is the time. Thanks everyone x xx :talk017:


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Hi Kay, 10lb in 2 weeks is amazing sweetie, If you was on weight watchers or slimming world you would have only lost half of that in 2 weeks...So keep going you are doing fantastic Girl!! :):)


Im gonna do this..;-)
:)Thanks hun, that is true though, a friend of mine has been doin ww for bout 3mths i think and only lost just over a stone, im cheered up already, thanks everyone x x:grouphugg:


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keep going kay...something I have now at home is a bag and I keep adding things to it every pound I lose so I can see what it feels like to have been carrying it around.....try that with 10 pounds and I bet you realise then how great you have done:D
keep going kay...something I have now at home is a bag and I keep adding things to it every pound I lose so I can see what it feels like to have been carrying it around.....try that with 10 pounds and I bet you realise then how great you have done:D
that's a really good idea - think i'll do that too - ooh i do love reading this forum - everyone has such good ideas!!


Im gonna do this..;-)
:)Thanks guys, what a great idea, im gonna do that. It will probably mean more when you look at what you have actually lost. Cool thanks x x:party0049:
10lbs in two weeks is fab!...be really proud that you have done so well, you are sticking to it...thats the main thing... i know how you feel though hun, as i have lost 8lbs in two weeks, and was disheartened too...and i also find the water intake really hard...but i just keep going, and keep at it...
LT suggests 1 stone a month...for most..so look on the bright side..:)


Im gonna do this..;-)
:)thanks kitten kat, yeah a stone a mth is gud, just hoping to do a bit better this wk WI. Well im off to Alton Towers on mon, so thats a whole day of walkin, so that shud help:)

Everyone have a gud wkend x x


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its still 2lb off,probably be a bigger weight loss next wk,my 2nd wk was only 3lb then wk after it was 6lb....chin up hun..x
:hug99: you'll get there hun!!

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