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I'm half celebrating!!


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one of my boots does up!!

yes, only one... I'm sorted if I break my leg, or need to dress up as a pirate.

I bought these knee high boots YEARS ago, in camden town.. bit of an impulse buy but I've always been determined one day I would fit in them because they're so cool..

and now my left leg has decided to play ball :) it's still a bit too tight, another 0.5-1 inch would help.. but it does up all the way to the top which I've not managed to do in ages!!!

now just need to convince my right leg to follow suit. think I'll hop everywhere today, let my leg know I mean serious busines..

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It's just great digging the "it'll fit me one day"stuff out of your wardrobe and finding, Cinderella-style, IT FITS.
I know how you feel and the bags are in the top of my wardrobe to prove it. Especially my purple M&S jeans from at least a decade ago. Almost vintage!
So much spring cleaning thoughts are getting rid of stuff you haven't worn for a year or whatever, but your love of an item (or loads of it) makes you hoard it for that day. Go CD, we're re-visiting our wardrobes and wearing the stuff we love.
That's brill Liz, bet the other one fits quicker than you think!!

Inspired by your story, I remembered a beautiful black beaded top I bought in the sale about a year ago- at the time i couldn't zip it up, but it was so cheap and pretty I thought I would buy it anyway and HOPEFULLY someday fit in to it/find someone to give it to/adjust it somehow. Just went and tried it on, and it FIT!!! the straps are too long for me now though, so I am gonna fix them this afternoon. I only hope it isn't TOO big for when I can finally go on a decent night out (with alcohol naturlich!)


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It's just great digging the "it'll fit me one day"stuff out of your wardrobe and finding, Cinderella-style, IT FITS.
yeah I tried everything on about a week ago to see what they were like on me, I've got loads of stuff which I just need to lose another inch or so and it'll all fit, so no new stuff needed for a while :) (I know, I should love shopping.. but if I'm not gonna be in that size for long... hopefully anyway.. what's the point?!)

I've also been wearing a couple of my fave skirts cos they fit me again :)


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Porgeous - I hope so!!! would be even worse to never wear them because ONE doesn't fit!!!

wahine - I'm glad I inspired someone!! hope you manage to fix your top :) I've got a few things that I'm hoping my grandma will be able to adjust for me because I just don't want to get rid of them :(


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That is great well done!


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thanks elaine!