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I'm having a BAD week

I have done so well on SW, in 6 weeks I have lost 18lb. But then I have messed up this week. My husband workds away every now and then, and has just gone away for 2 months. I'm really struggling, food has always been a comfort and this week has just gone right out the window!!

Thursday (my weigh in day) I took the kids to the cinema and ate loads of popcorn, about 30 syns worth. Then up untill today i have been ok. I went shopping this afternoon and bought Snack a Jacks Chocolate delights and i have now scoffed 6 today at 3 syns each along with a quarter of ciabatta bread and coleslaw.

Now I am thinking....sod it I have had a bad week i will eat what i want and start again after weigh in on thursday!! How do i get out of feeling like this, I miss my hubby and my 3 year old son is being a right littlel monster!!

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escaping the fat
Im not surprised youve had a abit of a blow out, Hubby working away must bring its stresses with it but you have done great so far and you really dont want to ruin that do you? Start again TOMORROW, dont wait till thursday. Just think of the difference hubby is going to see in you in 2 months if you stick at this now. what a coming home present eh? come on you can do this.
Hey Bumpy!

Like Happe says, get straight back to it TODAY, not thursday. Put what's passed behind you and get back on track sooner rather than later. We all know what it feels like and know that you'll feel all the better for letting go of the small hiccup and going forward, healthily!

Hope things are better with your little one today. And i know how much you must be missing your other half, i'm halfway through the two months where mine is away, missing him like crazy and spending a fortune on texts. think he'll be surprised when he comes back and sees the difference though. Have lost half a stone in the last 4 weeks and hope to lose another half by the time he's back. So, keep at it girl!

Sammy x


I ate my willpower!
Sorry to hear that you are unhappy. Slimming World has flexible syns, so don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day. Get back on track tomorrow and maybe even try the Success Express side of the plan which boosts weightloss for a week and you will soon be back on track.

How about setting yourself a 2 month mini target so that when hubby comes home he will be really suprised at how much you have lost. A little shopping trip before he comes home so you have some new clothes will really wow him!
Thanks guys! Feeling a lot better today after a half decent nights sleep. I do feel guilty about the week so far, but as you say todays another day and i have started again!! I don't really have a lot of synsm so i think i feel worse if i binge like i have done. Added syns for the last 5 days and only had about 70 so it might not be as bad as i thought. Keeping everything crossed!!

I have only been doing SW for 6 weeks and when i first joined my consultant took the Mix and Match book out of my pack and i haven't heard about this success express, what is it? sounds good.

Thanks again, and SpaceAngel sounds like you are doing fantastically keep it up and your husband will be stunned at the difference. Hope his comes home safe xxx
You have done so well so far, so this is just a blip! I would probably be the same if my hubby worked away! Just draw a line under the day and start fresh tomorrow and DON'T beat yourself up! We all do it :)



I ate my willpower!
From my book - Success Express is:-

Step 1:- Have 3 meals a day. At each one, fill two thirds of your plate with Superfree Food (foods that are free on both days ie salad), then one third of the plate, choose foods that are free on Green or Red, or both together if you like. For example, have a jacket potato and tuna or rice and barbeque chicken (both with salad) without weighing or counting.

Step 2:- Add 1 or 2 HEX A choices and 2 HEX B choices every day from either the green or red days. You can have your HEX's with meals, for example byhaving a sandwich made with a 3rd of a plateful of ham, 2 thirds of a plateful of salad and 2 slices of wholemeal bread.

Step 3:- Snack on superfree foods, such as fresh/frozen fruit, vegies, eggs or mullerlight yogs. You can add HEX's to snacks ie HIFI Bar.

Step 4:- Choos our syns. Enjoy between 5 to 15 each day. Your consultant should have told you how many you can have.

Q. When should I choose Success Express?

A. Use it when you feel your weight loss could do with a boost, or to get back on track when you've had quite a few flexible syns days! It can also be followed long term.

Hope this helps!!
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! get your ass back on it ! and show him what a sexy mama you are for when he comes home ;)
Thanks Spaceangel think i might try this today and tomorrow (weigh in Thursday) think it might be a bit late now but sounds good. Feel so much better being able to talk about it to people that understand:)
Ta Ruthy I had set a target of a stone before he comes back at the beginning of April, not sure he will recognise me......he he he he :)


escaping the fat
Hi Bumpy, glad to see you in better spirits today. We all get down at times but keep posting here theres always someone around to offer support and have a chat. Good luck with the weigh in.

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