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I'm hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm just after havin 2 potato sliced fried on frylite, with poached egg over it was lovely !!!!!!!!!! and free on EE
which one r u doing?
Sounds good! I'm doing extra easy. Just struggling with inbetween meals. I am normally a snacker. Used to be on WW and used points for low fat snacks. I am getting a SW food directory but until I get it, I don't know what syns are for which food. I must admit that I really like the freedom of the EE especially being able to have "original" and "green" together at the same time. I see that you are doing well, which plan are you following?
i doing same, but i only started lst week, i love it, i used to ww too,but because i snacked so much i used to go over my points alll the time,
have a look at my diary its it food diary, i eat soooo much, as i said time will tell if i still lose on it, but i love it ;)
u not ignorant at all, site is brillant, when u go into main slimming world site go to food diarys and u can see what people are eating
im goin to send u a private message it should pop up in top right corner in your notifications in a few min
i'm new too and really struggling getting my head around the difference between red and EE apart from the obvious HE 2 on red and one each on EE.

Please could I take a look at your food diary too?

What I can't seem to grasp is if you are doing EE caan you have pasta, couscous freely as well as a jacket potato as a HEB...so for eg if I had a jacket potato for lunch could I have spag bol for dinner or is that too optimistic???

Just went to my first ever meeting this morning and I think i've grasped everything except this


I want to be fitter again
yes you can Have a look at the thread for newbies including extra easy it is brilliant and soooo easy to read. It is really important that a third of each meal is superfree veg on extra easy (not essential on green or red)
so if I keep my HEA as milk to have in drinks and had SW chips with dinner for example I would still have to choose another HEB during the day...so for example toast at breakfast or bread with lunch. Have I got it?????????????...here's hoping!
i think maybe because u are so new on the site you cant send or receive private messages yet?? that you have to have so many posts done, i think

to get the ticker go to www.tickerfactory.com set yours up and at end it will show u the url to copy and paste it on a message board, copy this go into your signiture here under user cp on top right and paste it in your signiture :)

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