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I'm hungry!!

Hi there! Just started yesterday and have stuck to it religously - drinking about 2-3 litres of water and just about surviving on 600 cals.... On the plus side, dropped 2 pounds overnight. I have been on every diet and a member of every club under the sun and have struggled for the past 10 years to lose substantial amounts - have always blamed it on a slow metabolism. Please tell me that it works even for usual failures!!
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is going to loose!
Dont know much about Exante but if you are determined to stick with it then you should do well. Set yourself some goals that are achievable soon and once you start achieving these you feel good and will stay motivated.

Good on you for doing something about your weight and changing your life, for good. Also good to start developing some good exercise habits now so when you reach goal you can maintain it with exercise.

Good luck hun.



Staff member
Welcome LadyF,

The first few days are the hardest but once you go into ketosis the hunger will greatly reduce or might even go away completely, this makes the diet much easier to do.

If you split your packs in two and have six mini meals instead of three and have them throughout the day it will help with the hunger until you get into ketosis.

Just remember you must make each half up fresh and use within 15-20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

I am a slow loser myself but I have found that diets like this do help me to lose weight more quickly and I find this weight loss very motivating.

I moved your post to here and left a re-direct as I am sure Exante members will be able to share their own experience with you about the diet.

Hang in there, you have done great to get the first day over!
If you stick to it then yes, it does indeed work. :) If you have a slow metabolism then it may take a little longer but it will still work.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weightloss.

If you're hungry, drink more water and possibly split your packs up so you are "eating" more often, that can sometimes help.
LOL great minds & all that Mini.......:D


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VLCDs are HARD work to start with - but they do work, I promise!
Stick with it and drink water when you get the hunger pangs - it does help!
If you make it through the first week then you can do this ... and you'll be surprised at the amount of energy you get in Ketosis!
Invest in a good mouthwash and breath freshener - you'll need it!
Good Luck
A x
Dear LadyF

don;t think about how many calories you are not having !


best not think about it, you will get there, we have, you may get headaches and constapation (or diarrhoea !!! =-O ) this 1st week, but it is worth it, as you will not feel as hungry as you go on

we don't
honest !
Thanks so much everyone! Already your encouragement has made me feel tons better - you have all done amazingly well and it's so inspiring to talk to like-minded people who have lost so much weight.

This will really help me when I'm feeling a bit down.

I gave up smoking last July after numerous attempts and I honestly thought I would never be able to do it - so I just need to apply the same resolve to this weight loss plan.

Thanks again and good luck girls!


taking it 1 day at a time
Hi Lady F. As others have said, if you can stick with it through the first week you'll be well on your way. Even if it takes you longer than most, it is still very much worth it. Good luck.
you will be hungry for a bit, as the interesting and useful processes haven't kicked in yet. Hang in there :)


1lb at a time
GOOD LUCK! I'm a serial dieter...obviously not done too well on the countless ones I've tried in the past but I can do this...I think its much easier not having to think about food...I'm a total emotional eater so not having the option has meant I have to address the issue rather than blocking it out with a tub of ice cream and family size bar of galaxy!!! Anyways...like I said..good luck, and if you stick to it just for the first week you won't need much persuading to stay on it 'cos you'll have had a great loss!

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