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im hungry!

what was i saying earlier.. i havent been hungry. well im hungry now, im that hungry i could eat a scabby horse, mule, donkey, cat, dog ..lol!!!:eat:

i REFUSE to give in, im going to have a bath when the kids get in and have an early night. Just reading a book at the mo but was getting grumblings!! im quite proud of myself for not giving in to temptation...

water water water everywhere!!
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I lurve lurve lurve bars
I wish I had a pound to give myself every time I say Im hungry,Id be worth millions by now!!Youre not alone hun
really proud of you Sarah, I know you've struggled but your keeping at it and I'm glad your honest cos I could eat but I'm trying v hard not to. we will do it :)
im hungry too and the bloody chicken in the fridge keeps shouting my name lol
i will not give in day 1 of week 8 and back too ss
GOD THIS IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


always lurkin around!
im hungry a lot but im starting to get used 2 it ...:eek: so dont worry hun its not only u xx
Well done Sarah - I think our positivity has worked as i have got through a whole day as well cheat fre and words cant describe how pleased i am - im washing up and getting in bed with gameboy lol


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i am back on ss for a week. i've been doing 810. and something i really noticed when going back onto food is what being hungry really feels like. i mean. i'm very aware of it today, ha. but after being on ss i realised that when i thought i was hungry when i was in ketosis. i wasn't. i was craving. after a couple of weeks when i moved up the plans as totm was driving me mad (turned out that didn't help though, ha) i soon found out what hunger REALLY felt like. so a few more days and we'll think we're hungry. but keep reminding yourself that you aren't really. it's your head playing games!!

abz xx
When I am very hungry I am sometimes treat myself for a bowl of hot water mixed with marigold and one spoon of physillium husks. Leave it for 10 minutes and it will become thick. Try it it and it is also good for your bowels too! :D
im hungry too but i think my determination to not fail is strong enough for me not to slip... im saying that the now but this is only day 3 for me lol by the end of the week i might be wanting to eat the entire contents of a supermarket lmfao.

lyndsey x


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well i'm starving right now... am eating through some cd porridge reeeaaally slowly to make it last and have refilled my 1l bottle with water to help it down, ha. still. nearly half way through day two. not bad :)

abz xx

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