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I'm i drinking enough? Yes another water question!!!

Susie Tuesday

S: 18st4lb C: 18st4lb G: 15st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:wavey: Everyone, i'm new to the CD and i am currently on day 2 of SS which i think is going well especially as i have been home alone today (always my worst time as prone to picking) and have still managed to stick to SS 100%, quite proud of myself in a way :D

Anyway have a question about water :confused: yesterday i drank 3½ litres (which is very good going for me as i never drink anywhere near that amount normally and never straight water :jelous:) that amount includes the water i used to make my shakes.

Today i have drank slightly less than that although i haven't had my last shake and plan to drink another couple of bottles which will bring it up to 4 litres, again my total water intake including my shakes.

Anyway, my question is am i drinking enough? Should i be drinking 4 litres PLUS the water used to make my shakes????

I have read a couple of post and they all seem to drink X amount of litres/pints plus their shakes.

I am i doing it wrong? Sorry for the long post i do have a tendency to babble, although i'm sure you haven't noticed :p

Susie xx
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Hi there
According to the sole source book, the minimum water per day is 2 1/4 litres. The fluid to make up shakes/soups is in addition to that.
I aim for 3 litres a day plus the water to make up the packs and it works for me!
If you have tetras, the book says an extra 1/4 litre for every tetra and when you move onto having bars the same applies
I am sure a CDC will be along to help soon!
Hope this helps!


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I don't think your doing it wrong. Booklet advises 2 1/4 litres on top of your shakes etc.

I drank approx 3 1/2 litres every day and lived on tetras, which you should have extra water with. My losses were always good and I never suffered headaches or dizziness.

Good luck with the diet, I think it's a wonderful way to lose weight. Being on minimins is also such a huge help and support, any time I felt low or was tempted to pick I'd get straight on here.


Susie Tuesday

S: 18st4lb C: 18st4lb G: 15st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Spooky and Minilady,

My CDC advised that we should drink 4 litres day minimun!

Was just a bit taken a back and thought i was doing it wrong when i read about 4 litres plus shakes :eek:

Thank you both for replying and i'm sure i WILL be back for the help and support :)

Susie xx
During my first few weeks i was trying my best to drink between 4-5 litres a day. But i used to feel really bloated and sick. This week i havent been able to drink much water because i have been busy and i lost 5 lbs at my WI. I was really shocked and i think it was due to the fact that i had my AAM week last week which must have stimualted my metabolism. I also only had between 2.5-3.5 litres of water.

I feel much better drinking this amount. My skin is still looking great, i am full of energy and i am very happy with my losses.

I always make sure that i drink at least the min requirement of 2 1/4 litres a day but i do try to drink an extra litre too.
I am going to experiement this week with drinking only 3 litres of water all week and see what my losses are like at the end of the week. But TOTM is approaching so i know that will affect my results.

My advice to you would be to drink what you are comfortable with. Listen to your body. You should be fine if you drink the min amount of water (you must have the min amount everyday). You could also try to experiement with your water intake and see what works best for you. Everybody is different so they will all require different amounts of water for effective/rapid weightloss. Also, my CDC told me that the min requirement is all you really need and it could be dangerous if you drink more because it could flush out all your nutrients.

I hope i have helped in some way. Best of luck with week 1, it will fly by. Let us know how you get on. xx
just to let you know, i past 11 weeks have lost over 3 stones and to be honest, i cant do the whole plain water drinking part, so i use the sunshine powder stff you can get from CDC which is great helps you get through tons of water, but to be honest i drink a lot or zero coke (i know its bad for you!) and water fruit shoots apple flavour, i havent seen anyone mention the fruit shoots before but the apple flavour has malic acid and not citric acid like the other 2 flavours and i have bout 8 of those in a day (a lot i know) and to date i have not come out of ketosis! so dont fret if you dont think your getting enough plain water just make sure you get it in somehow!

Susie Tuesday

S: 18st4lb C: 18st4lb G: 15st13lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

So much for your replies, going to stick at 4 litres a day well week days when i'm at work but going to try and up it over the weekends.

Glad you mentioned feeling sick Maybe_baby as that's my problem :jelous: but i'm getting there. Can't wait to see the improvement in my skin, already feel i have more energy this morning but can't wait for that to really kick in :bliss:

Sole_Sourcer, i can't wait for week 3 for the sunshine powder, already had a can of coke zero last night which was bliss. Although did comment to Mr ST that the only thing about having it every night (using it as a kind of treat for drinking my water) is that i will get bored. Great advice about Fruit shots and to know you have so many and still in Ketosis is great, something else i can look forward to.

:wow: Alex 12 stones in 6 months, amazing! I need to lose about 6 stones, maybe a bit more. One day at a time and one bottle that's my new mantra. I have been spacing it out and try not to drink any after 8pm so i'm not up all night at the toliet but on day 3 and so far so good!!!

Wishing everyone a good day, Susie xx

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