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I'm in shock :(

Well I re-started exante a week ago today so this morning I had my first weigh in and I've lost.....nothing :eek: How the hell can that happen?????
I'm so upset it's untrue, I've been in tears most of the day. :wave_cry:
I was 100% for the whole week, even people who cheat during the week lose something but I've not lost a single lb and I'm wondering wether to bother with this anymore. I have been starving all week and get no damn result.
I've had the period from hell, I came on the day after I started and still am now and I'm so bloated I look pregnant :(
So no weight loss AND I feel like crap.

And to top it all off I passed out in the tesco car park this morning, talk about embarrassed! Luckily I was with my brother.

So is there any point carrying on?
Why didn't I lose anything?
On weeks that I've done exante before I've always lost at least 9lbs in my 1st week.
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aww you poor thing :grouphugg:
Don't feel dishartened, please. You're on your period, your body gains a massive amount of water, believe me. And this is what happened.
There is no way you don't lose if you stay 100%TS, love. Sometimes STS happens. Look down at my stats. A lovely loss on holiday, but then what? STS or silly 1lb. And I didn't do enything. I'm having 3 packs and water, coffee black, green tea.
I don't know why my last few weeks are such a crap. But this is what my body does and decides. The only thing I can do about it is - stay strong and don't give up! And that's what I would love you to do too.
Measure yourself. Write it down. And even if there is another STS next week, you will see you are losing, darling.
I have Salter electronic scales, so I can see the fat and water procentage in my body too. And you know what? Even if there is STS I can see (honestly!) less percent of fat. And I feel my clothes are getting more baggy.
You are losing. Believe me, you are. There is STS, but you are losing fat, while you gained all that water during TOTM.
Please, stay strong, don't give up! It will be so worth it in the end. You can win this battle. We can do it together, love!!!
C'mon, let's roll on next week!

PS: If the weather is as nice as here, why not to go for a walk and get some fresh air? You will feel much better!
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oh hun it may be that your still retaining water from totm from hell have you had plenty of water? you say your still bloated etc i bet its that and have you ever passed out like that before? get yourself checked out hun.
i really think its water retention and think if your able to stick with it another week and bet youll get a great loss im sorry your so upset and disheartened keep your chin up ((( hugs ))) xxx
Thank you both for the lovely replies.
I was just so shocked to see a sts on the scales as the first week is usually the best for a nice big loss and that's what keeps you going!

I will stick with it and see what happens with next weeks weigh in.
I must be the only person that's ever done exante and not lost anything in the 1st week.

I do drink 3-4litres of water a day :)
And the passing out thing is slowly being looked into. I've always suffered from a weird dizzy feeling (have done on and off for years) that goes on for months, it's quite scary when the world is spinning 24/7 especially when I'm in bed. But it's worse than ever this time and in the last few months I have passed out on quite a few occassions.
The doctor still gave me the go ahead to do exante so it's not the diet making it worse or anything.
Hey don't get disheartened, it most likely is water retention. there is no way you haven't lost weight, when it my TOTM i've been known to be about 7lbs heavier than usual!! it's just the numbers on the scale and probably doesnt reflect what you have actually burned off. Stick with it, you'll be fine, it's always horrible when you've worked really hard at something and you can't see results but persevere and next week you will definately see trhe benefits!! Good luck xx and don't worry xx
I would say it's definitely water retention Hun. Happens to pretty much all of us. I think the whoosh fairy will visit in the next couple of weigh ins :). Don't be disheartened you've done amazingly; sticking 100% to TS not only in your first week but during your TOTM as well...that's when I'm usually hungry the most and want to eat every carb in sight!!! Something that might work for you that I try and do is not weigh during that time and skip my weekly weigh in because I know it won't be an accurate reflection of how I'm really doing.

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Been liberated by Exante!
I agree - it cannot not work, but the body loves to hold on to water. If you can manage it - don't weigh for another week; it will all settle down and then you will see the real weight loss. TS cannot not work - promise! Its fluid, bowels, an unknown irritation, but keep taking the magic medicine and it will work.
Good luck

I'm really sorry that you got STS this morning; that must be so disheartening after first week back and being so focused all week. As the others say, I'm sure you're hideous TOTM will not be helping, the weight will be moving. Try and stay focused and strong, and know that next week you will see an incredible loss on the scales. You are doing so well, don't let the scales get to you and affect your focus. YOu can do this. Keep focused on your target! xxx
agree with all of the above ... also, are your scales working ok?

Try to stick with it, although it must be difficult for you. Next week's WI will be a good one, I'm sure :)

Good luck
Thanks everyone, I think without your kind words tonight I would have gotten so upset I would have broken the diet and eaten.
I'm feeling better now not so upset. I hope I get a good result on the scales next week.
Just got to stay positive and stick with it right :D

@miss biker yeah I got a new battery in my scales so they're fine.
Well done for getting through such a rough week - that's a fantastic achievement in itself :)

As everyone else has said, carry on and you'll feel great next week when those scales show your loss.

Good luck and take care

Lesley xx
Lots of hugs for you hun, i'm sorry you had a rotten 'result' this week but as everyone else has said it can't be a true reflection of what you actually do weigh. I am sure in the next few weeks you will have some huge losses to make up for this weeks disapointment :) keep at it girl, the only way is down from here ;)
Aw that's rubbish about the sts!! I'm just starting my first week back after holiday and I too would be so upset if I hadnt lost anything, but previous posters are right... Weigh in next week is gonna be a cracker! Regarding the dizzy thing... I used to get it and finally it was an ear problem... I was escpec dizzy in bed... It was called labyrinthitis (weird I know) they gave me
Pills and it went away
I started today on a restart and I also got my totm yesterday I gained 5 1/2 pounds between Saturday night and yesterday morning! Please don't get disheartened you'll have a big loss next week you'll see xx

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