Im in stabilization... and some pics


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Thought I would be brave and put up some pics. I hated having my pic taken before this crazy ass diet, so the first few are taken a few weeks in. Now, I quite like having pics taken (can tell by the grin on my face!!)

I started the first step to stabilization yesterday. Right now Im eating my chicken and brocolli in my veggie soup, thing is my teeth hurt, but thats cos I havent eaten in 10 months I guess.


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and some more pics.

Looking at these pics now, I actually see the weight loss, funny how my self perception stills see's me as the obese ugly unconfident woman.

This has been one hell of a journey for me. Now the mind games begin (cos Im eating a little food on AAM) but I know that I have the strength and determination to do this, as not once did I stray from SS for 10 months. Its what I keep telling myself, as this stabilization lark is quite scarey for me.

Putting my pics up is a big step for me, Im sharing a part of myself with stangers, but still friends, I hope that it gives some confidence for you guys that are just starting out. Trust me, if I can do this, you can... and remember if you work the program, the program works.



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:p whose your friend in the first pictures ?? totally awesome ....stands back in awe susan xx
Leighann you look fabulous

and youre really a lesson to me becauise i started SS on the same day as you. i remember you well from over on DH forum.

I so wish i had had your willpower and stuck to it so that instread of being on another day 3 today, i was also starting stabilization.

you should be really proud of yourself

well done, you look really fantastic!!!
My friend... the ugly fat girl I never want to be again :D

What I have found hard it to actually see the new me, in my mind Im still that other person. Funny how the mind is slow, way behind, the physical side.

My determination, I dont know where that came from, I guess from wanting to be where I am now. When I was bigger, I saw myself physically as I am now, now that I am the physical size I am, I see myself as that big girl. I guess as I lost more and more, I became more determined to succeed. After the first month, I had the willpower of an ox :p just not the appetite!

Anyone else have this mindset of seeing themselves as still big?

You look fabulous! You dont even look like the same person - well done - you should be SO proud of yourself!

Lynne x
WOW!! What an amazing inspirtion you are.
It's no coincidence that in the the first pics you look unhappy but in the last pics you look beaming. Well done!!
You must be thrilled.
I am thrilled, thank you everyone for your replies.

I plan to add every day on this thread my stablization progress, and hopefully someone will read and see the pics and get the confidence and hope they need to work thru this diet. It truly has changed my life.

What has changed.

My face
My body
I can shop in regular clothes stores and buy 5 outfits for the price of one from evans
Men notice me (dont know if I will ever get use to that!)
My mum cried when she saw pics of me (she lives in OZ)
People who havent seen me in months dont recognize me
People dont judge me by my size
I fit into plane, train, and car seats
I have energy
I have myself back

WOW !! you look a different person :D

what a fabulous achievement - njoy ur new found confidence and the 'new you' :)

You look wonderful, congratulations!!

I will hopefully be starting stabilisation in another 3 - 4 weeks. I am not sure whether to get to goal first, or whether to hope that the last few pounds come off in stabilisation. If I can I will probably stick it out on SS, one week at a time I suppose.

I agree with you about the head taking a while to catch up. I have lost 6 stone now and I still think of myself as being the really obese person that I was then. My OH will say something nice about how I look and I am still thinking that my stomach is too big etc. He will then say, "you are the same size as so and so", or "you are smaller than so and so now" and I am amazed because I think that the other person is quite slim and that I can't possibly be the same size!! I guess it will take time to adjust.

Please keep posting about how stabilisation is going, I will be reading with interest.


I still have 24 lbs to lose, but I have decided to go into stabilization (my bmi is 25 now) and then lose the 24lbs thru a low GI diet and exercise. I have lost 11 st with SS, so I know I can do this. I want to 'train' myself to eat healthy before I get to goal, so that at goal it will be easier to maintain, if that makes sense.

Im finding it that on day 2 of AAM that I get 'hungry' but I know that my body is not hungry, its my mind. I am going to be strong and stick to this stablization lark 100% as I know if I dont, I will relapse back into bad habits. I was strong on SS, so I know I can do this.

I will be reading your stablization journey with interest, as we are both nearly at the same point. Maybe we can support each other thru this journey!!!

Congratulations Leighann,

You look amazing and so happy!!! Your glowing:D

Your photos are truly inspirational and good luck now with the next phase of your diet.

I will be reading your diary thread with interest as I have to go there myself.

Thank you for sharing your photos and it is lovely your mum can see your photos of you.

Is she logging into MiniMins?

Love Mini xxx
Firstly I have to agree... You look great..... Way to go!!!

Secondly.. I think it's great you posting piccies cause while all the stories of people losing weight are inspirational, a picture (as the proverbial saying goes!) paints a thousand words and every time I can see that other people reach their goals and look fab it reafirms that I can too. So thank you for posting piccies. I still regularly go onto the minimins album and am constantly amazed and inspired at how well people do!!...

the beauty is shining through you are a slim beautiful much younger looking Lady!
No wonder your mum cried - i don't even know you and I had a tear in my eye!
Inspirational, Beautiful and you look so happy!
Please stay this way you deserve it!
WOW! those pics are brill!
Well done hunni you look fantastic! I agree you look like a different person! :D And look sooo happy.