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Im losing motivation

Hey soau, how long have you been on lipotrim and what have you lost? Some people lose more because they whee retaining more water. If that's the case with you then what you're loosing is fat. Also if you're toning up, you could be loosing inches that might not show on the scales, so measure yourself. Hope this helps


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You have posted in slimming world, but in the inspirational photos, i will move it for you to the general section x


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Are you a paying member? If so and you have access to Lifeline on-line, I would read the inspiring stories there. That is what helps me keep going.

If not, there are plenty of inspiring stories on here and in the magazine. There is a new magazine out now.

Another thing I try thinking about is not how I am feeling now, but how I might be feeling in a couple of weeks time.

I.e, If I didn't stick to the plan and put on a stone over the next 10 weeks I would feel devastated.
If I stay the same weight, I would be 'ok'.
If I lose some weight, I would feel great!

I hope you get your motivation back soon. I know how difficult it is when it deserts you.


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soau987 said:
I'm struggling a bit... not seeing amazing results... feeling quite down about it all..
I dont really no how to get my enthusiasm back and motivation...
What specifically are you struggling with, and what do you consider to be not amazing results? Alot of people get like this with SW after a few weeks because their expectations around weight loss are unrealistic for a plan which is more a lifestyle change & less a 'diet' in the traditional sense.
I find I'm hungry all the time, struggle with being a vegetarian, only lost about 6 pounds and I've been doing it for weeks plus exercise.....
feeling quite low and down about it all....

Thankyou for posting In right place for me ?
got a few things coming up which I wanted to be slimmer for.... One is next Friday so clearly won't happen.....
Just feeling pretty awful
soau987 said:
I find I'm hungry all the time, struggle with being a vegetarian, only lost about 6 pounds and I've been doing it for weeks plus exercise.....
feeling quite low and down about it all....

Thankyou for posting In right place for me ?
If you are hungry hun, you need to eat more. No wonder you are feeling demotivated if you are hungry - its also possible that not eating enough means you aren't losing as quickly as you should. I eat loads of food, & akways lose more on the weeks when i eat more.

Can you post a sample of your food for a day so we can have a look?
Aww hun. I'm so sorry your not getting the results you hoped for. But look on the one positive. You are 6lbs down! That's 6lbs gone forever! Well done :) Did you measure yourself before you started? You might find you've lost inches rather than pounds. You may feel more toned perhaps? Do you attend a group? You could speak to your consultant about your concerns or even ask other vegetarians on here to suggest ideas for you.

Don't give up hun, you've lost 6lbs and that's a great start.
I would agree with Kingleds if ur still feeling hungry then u need to eat more, and might benefit from posting what u r eating. I'm vegetarian and I understand how it feels regarding motivation, not a brilliant cook either but do keep trying.
right this is all good advice....
typically today I've hardly eaten a thing as work been horrendous (I'm a nurse sometimes impossible to eat)
Generally I'm pretty good.... Tomo will post what I've had...
I'm not a member of a group.... Im a bit shy if I'm honest...
I prob have about 14-18 pounds to loose....
not measured myself but clothes feel no different really.....
I eat lots of free things to keep me going....
I mug shots etc as easy.....
I just run a bit low on ideas....
also when I like something I tend to eat loads as it's free and it's safe.... but inevitably I get bored....
I'm a veggie!!!! Although due to medical reasons I do eT chicken and some fish...... Can this work to have a red week.....
Not even sure how red days work.... Eeek!
u can have chicken as a healthy b on green and fish i think though someone else can confirm that. and chicken and fish should work on red days.
I know what its like to loose motivation and to not have much time (I'm in home care). As others have said it could be your not eating enough. How many syns do you eat a day as well as sometimes having too few can hinder you along with your Health Extras.
I know you might be shy but going to a group for a few weeks may really really help you. As I'm guessing you do shifts you could go to any group in your area. Most are brilliant and people usually have loads of ideas that could help you.

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