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I'm never doing a Red day again!

Well, I pretty much done the whole of last week a red day, as I had quite a few meat products which needed to be eaten. I know how red works and stayed on plan 100%, hated it, got bad skin and put 5lbs on! What the?!!! Anyone else had a similar experience being on a red? X
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Oh my goodness! No, I've never had that! I only ever do red days!!
Have you posted your meal plans anywhere? What were some of your typical meals?
Perhaps if we see we can figure out what happened?
Red has always been the speedy way to lose weight to me!


Too big to fail
I have a feeling I would lose more on red days...but I hate them too as I don't really eat meat or chicken (just fish). My counsultant told me to do some so I did but I was starving. I told her I didn't eat meat but she said it wasn't about meat and to do them anyway. Red days are too much of a diet for me.....and I also find them really expensive as I only like steaks and (expensive) sea food and wouldn't be a fan of ham/chicken cubes etc.
I'm amazed that you put on 5 lbs on Red. Was it * week for you or something?
Omg. where did the 5lbs come from!? xx
Did you do a food diary? did you have you hex a & b for you? x
I know its just horrendous. I feel like crap as now put most of my weight I lost back on and now got to start all over again! I did have some alcohol over the weekend but that never usually affects me plus I was walking A LOT!! I back on the green week this week so hope for the best, the only thing I can think of is that I am due totm but not until this Sunday!! No way can it affect it a week early!! I've never known it to so why would it change now? Ah I am so diheartened, I am convinced I am the size I am and not able to lose weight past a certain point. :cry::cry::cry:
I did have some alcohol over the weekend but that never usually affects me
Okay, perhaps alcohol does affect you? We can get away with some things but only for so long. How much is some alcohol?

Also, we can all lose weight, it doesn't just stop at a certain point, it gets harder for certain but it doesn't stop.

Red days should not make you gain 5lb, no way. I'm also hungrier on red and they generally make me lose faster.

Something else would have made you gain, not the red days. *hugs*
Gin with slim line and white wine with soda, so it looks like its got to be this as I seriously wasnt bad food wise. Oh well, looks like no alcohol for me until my holiday! Great! Fingers crossed for Monday weigh in, but I'm not hoping for much as only be a day after totm!! grrr its a never ending story! x
Honey you can have alcohol if you count it.
Gin and slimline is 2.5syns isn't it? You can have a fair few of these for your 15 syns.
Don't miss out but stick within your allowance.
Yeah I suppose. Thanks Jaylou for your support I really appreciate it. I'm just going to try my hardest and hope that I can get this 5lbs off, well 4 now as managed to get 1 off so far! Xx


is on the road to Slimdon
the only thing I can think of is that I am due totm but not until this Sunday!! No way can it affect it a week early!!
It can my dear!!

I always see a much smaller loss or STS the week BEFORE I am due on. And depending on how much it affects you it could lead to a gain.

However, if this is the reason - and you stay on track with the plan of course - you should see a big loss next week!

Alternatively, it could be the alcohol. If you had your syns then the alcohol on top then this could have added to the gain!

It could be a combination of the 2!!

Generally I find though that if it goes on quickly it comes off quickly so hope that next week is a good one for you!!

Amy xx
Thanks AmyS, thats a real motivational booster as I have felt like the right dumps this week since finding that out. It would be lovely to see that weight come off by Monday but I wont get my hopes up too much. I have to be sensible and just keep going for it and well stay green! Lol. Red I dont think is for me, I felt deprived and always felt hungry and I know I loose weight on green! Thanks again xxx
Lol, honestly they are really good but red and green (now I have discovered) is not for everyone, I'm obviously just a green person and my body adjusts better to that. EE i tried but couldnt get my head round the 3rd of your plate free food and the remaining etc. So this way I know what not to have and what I can have.

Fingers crossed for me on Monday!! And everyone else who has their weigh in! xx
Yes, red and green can be very effective, but different methods work for different people. I like others on here have done VERY well with red days. I suspect, although I havent really done them, that the high carbs on green wouldnt be the best method for me - being as I crave them and pile on weight with them.
I put on at least 2 pounds a few days before the TOTM, and also around the time of ovulation. I was on course for my 10% this weigh day, but I am due on Sunday and I am starting to see it going in the wrong direction already! And in the last 2 weigh-ins I stayed the same then lost 5 pounds, all due to water retention.

If I eat something salty (eg chinese) at the same time, I can put on even more!

To gain 5 pounds of genuine weight in a week, you would have to be eating about 2,500 calories A DAY over your needs, and if you are on plan, even with a few drinkies thrown in, you would find that tough to do!

My bet is, for some reason you have masked your weight loss and next week you will drop it again (have you been going to the loo enough? I don't do red days, but eating more meat and less carbs could have slowed everything down?)


Just doing it this time
I do red - mainly. Don't like green because I feel fatter.

I really cannot see how red could affect you so drastically.................maybe it was a combination of the alcohol and the time of month AND a change to red (if you don't normally do them) AND did you go to the loo? A change to red could cause you constipation?

You'll probably find that 5 will drop off this week and a couple of pounds besides - hope so anyway.

I love the red plan.

Gilly x