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Im new, 2nd day of CD

Hello, just wanted to say I have been reading these forums for about 3 wks, and have been inspired no end, I started the CD nearing the end of day 2. Feeling hungry, lethargic, slightly nauseated, drank 4 litres of fluid, peeing for scotland. But you know what, it aint going to be for long, i can see that from reading all your posts, good days and bad days, keep that goal infront.
Thanks Jackie:D
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Hi, Jackie and welcome to minimins

I'm on day 3 atm and was just starting to crave the chocolate spread in my kitchen so came on here , read a few posts for inspiration and although i still want the chocolate spread theres no way in hell im gonna eat it and sabotage the work ive put in already!

I've found the site fantastic for support, motivation and inspiration and i hope you do to ! :)

Look forward to getting to know you

sam xx
Thanks Sam, I think this site is going to get me through it, feeling really motivated, want to do this so much and I WILL,

Hi Yummie, Welcome to minimins, day 2 already, you'll soon see the lbs dropping off!!!

If you need anything just shout, we are all here to support you x
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Hello Hello! Welcome to minimins. from reading all the posts before starting, you are already well aware that minimins can be the rock and crutch for most of us. Expect ups and downs, but also expect the rest of us to help you out of the ruts!!

I'm in need of great motivation as well, so if its alright, i'd like to pop back in on your diary to see how you get on with your first week weigh in!! if you stick to it all week, the pounds you drop willl be astonishing!

Take care!


jelly belly
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hi jackie
you`ll love here in mini`s
very supportive and the before and after pics are a great motivation
good luck on your cd journey
Day 4.
Thank you ladys, yip your right think I am going to love it.

well day 4, felt great yesterday, loads of energy, went out shopping (lots of toilet stops lol),did not feel hungry, thinking about food alot but not tempted, managed to cook a realy nice meal for husband and son did not put me up or down.
Today dont feelso good, legs feel like jelly, lethargicdrank 1 lite of water and a cup of coffee, had big plans for today not sure if I can manage. but stilll positive, I AM STICKING TO IT.


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Hi Jackie,

Well done on getting to day 4. Hopefully you are in ketosis now so it will start to get easier.

Some people seem to get a bit of a "high" from being in ketosis and are full of energy. I was the opposite in the first couple of weeks and felt really tired.

Just listen to your body. If you are tired, take a nap or go for a soak in a nice hot bath. Make it as easy for yourself as possible.

well done for starting a diary as well. It really keeps me motivated, even when I havent got much to report its nice to read back through and see how well you are doing.

Ok I think i should be writing in this daily, it does make me feel better, dont get me wrong my hubby is a great support so are my mates but lets be honest they have not go a clue!:sigh:
I must say I have been feeling not too bad, every day feeling better, realy good that i have been in ketosis since sat, and must say I have stuck to this 100%, i have been inspired and motivated with everyones increadable weight loss, Ist weigh-in today 7lbs, good i hear you all say, but to be honsest I did feel a bit deflated because I have been so good thought it might have been a wee bit more, but as a wize woman said to me (wannalose8stone)ifit was WW you would be chuffed and yip she is right, so gave myself a good talking to and think I have it sorted. Other wee problem is bowel related in that it aint coming lol, CDC said with constipation comes water retention sooo i and hanging onto this (not for too long I hope lol) will go out for long walk and try ducolax, see you soon, YM.:)
S: 16st5lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 4st7lb(27.51%)

7 pounds in a week is brilliant!! Keep it up and the lbs will continue to melt off!


I can do this.
Hi Jackie, 7lb is great...keep going and the lbs will drop off.Good luck.


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
hi jackie
7lbs is brilliant
well done

keep up the good work
kaz :D
2nd weigh-in

Good morning, Thanks Sam for your post, lets just say things are under control !! lol. 2nd weigh-in 5lbs lost, total of 12lbs in 2 wks,:D. Feeling realy good on the diet, a bit down with the low loss, but hay get on with it, I have hypothyroid so thing will be bit slow untill i get to my corrrect dose of meds, my clothes are getting lose so thats a great motivation. I have been taking P Husks in the morning they really give you a full feeling lasting to a late lunch its great. Also managing to tolerating 4 + lites of water per day, which has had a great impackt on my skin (may also be due to the no alcohol lol). it would be interesting to here fom anyone else with hypothyroid and how they find things. keep up the good work Team. Jx


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Hi Jackie,

Well done on your 5lbs. off this week:clap::clap::clap:

Your well on your way to having a stone off this month, perhaps even a little more!!!

Love Mini xxx
Well done on this weeks loss, 5lb is great and 12lb in 2 weeks is great, you will soon be over the stone loss and in such a short time, well done keep it up:)

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