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Im new advice please.

Got my first weeks worth of lipotrim today. Felt totally humiliated standing on the scales as I hadnt realised quite how heavy I had gotten. 14 STONE 13 POUNDS. I now weigh more than my husband. Really hoping this plan works for me. Is there any advice anyone can give me. I think the lack of alcohol is going to be my biggest hurdle.
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First of all, well done for making the first step to the new you. We have all been over indulgent or none of us would be here in the first place, so at least you are taking the first steps hun.

Only tips I can give you is to take it 1 day at a time. Dont get tempted (especially in the first few days - which are the hardest) to nibble at anything. Stick to your 3 shakes a day. If necessary split your shakes into 2, so you have six half shakes, this could help with hunger pangs. Just persevere those first few days and things get a whole lot easier.

Keep a glass of water by your side at all times, make sure you drink sufficient. I always drank 3 litres.

Good luck and just fire away with any questions.


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Hi, Welcome to LT, the only advise I can give to you is it gets easier lol The first week or so you will hate the shakes and feel hungry but after that you get used to it and it becomes normal :) Im on week 6 now and still going strong and I loved my food so if I can do it anyone can lol Good Luck :)
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Welcome beckym , I know that feeling very well I weighed in at 14st 5 and I nearly cried . Up to a year ago I was always around 10-10st 7 so It Killed me but I am in my third week now and it is easier. I have to agree with Kared ,the water is so important and you will be thirstier on this diet anyway . Any time I have hunger pangs I know I have to drink more. The first few days are the hardest but perceviere and the results will have you hooked !!!!! All the best and hop anything you are worried about of us here. The girls (and lads) here have been great to me.
Thats great could really benefit from the support my hubby is not the best although he does try bless him! Does anyone have any advice about coping with night shifts. I work 50% days and nights which has always been my downfall on previous diets. Was considering maybe splitting the packs for these days


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Hiya and welcome chick!!

You shouldnt feel humilated! At the end of the day it is all to help you!!!

Good luck xx


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Welcome beckym. The best piece of advice I can offer is continue to come onto this site. Ive been on LT nearly two weeks now and its been a life saver.

I now love hearing how everyone is doing and joining in too. You will get lots of support and it will defo keep you motivated. Just brave the first few days and you will be ok.

Good luck.


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Well done for deciding to take the leap! This diet really does work wonders as long as you stick to it. Drink plenty of water and stay positive. My hubby is about 8ins taller than me and I was over 4 stones heavier than him. I'm hoping at my next weigh in on Saturday that I will weigh less than him, that'll be the first time in over 8 years and I can't wait. You will get there, just take one day at a time cos I've found time flies on this diet, thankfully. Good luck and l look forward to reading your future losses. We're all behind you!


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Hi and Welcome to the Boards

I only started on Saturday and i refused to let them tell me my weight cos i was so scared so i know how you feel. But iv'e just been out to pick up some sweeteners and decaff coffee and was looking at clothes forcing myself to think "in a month or so i'll be able to try those on and feel good" like a mantra and it worked! Feel determined to continue. I also like the old vino but have accepted it makes me peckish so I've decided giving it up is no bad thing; got a friends b-day bash next weekend and have decided i'd rather feel good about finally taking control of my weight issue and drink water rather than have a few drinks and feel crap in my clothes.

Read the "thought provoking" post in the stickies! It's excellent; i've put post its in the bathrooms at home to remind me to be positive. As I spend most of my time in there at the moment cos of all the water I felt that would be a good place :)

Just keep telling your self in a positive way that you can do this and take it day by day and pound by pound and read the boards; they are truly motivating !!

You've taken the first step; you can do it!!


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Hiya and well done for fr takin the 1st steps. Theres no need to feel humiliated as im sure that most if not all of us were heavier than we expected when we got weighed at the beginning of lipotrim and most of us are/were probably heavier than our partner (i know i am). As for advice, i would have to say take the 1st few days easy as u probably wont have much energy, drink plenty of water (sparkling or still), drink plenty more lol, and dont give in to the hunger and cravings as they will pass, the other thing is log on here for any advice, support, general chat and when u have time, look at all the before and after pics as they are a real inspiration and a great way of helping to realise that ur goal is reachable! Good luck xxx

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