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Im new and excited!

Hey guys!

I've just started on the cambridge diet, last friday. I'm goin for my first weigh in at half 6 tonight and am excited!

Drinking all the water has been tough, and one day I had a small chicken salad with no dressing - I txt my CDC and asked if there was anything I could have!

But now Im determined not to eat anything, after reading some success stories and how well other people are doing. I hope to lose 3st by christmas.

Oh and yesterday I made a muffin and today Im going to make crisps - they are definitely going to keep me on track!
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Laugh in the face of food
:welcome:Well done for making it through to your first weigh in. It gets easier the longer you stick at it. To be honest I found it easier to stick to when I don't eat anything at all, I tried eating :eat: chicken and steak occassionally while I was on holiday but it just made me want to eat more. So now I'm back I'm just carrying on with Sole Source and nothing else.:ignore:

Good luck with your weight loss journey:character00201: and keep us posted on how you get on.


not so str8 or narrow!!
well done for choosing this diet - it really is fantastic. good luck with your weigh in and your cd journey
good luck hon :D remember if you do struggle you can always try ss+. the weight loss is the same, around 3lbs a week on average and some people find it easier to have a small meal to look forward to on an evening. others find total abstinence easier.

looking forward to hearing about your first weigh in :)

abz xx
i lost 6lb! and 2 inches off my waist!!!
i actually cant believe it, so happy. its really made me want to stick at it. i got bars this week so have just cut them up into teeny pieces and shoved them in the fridge - roll on week 2!


Laugh in the face of food
It costs £37a week and you get all the shake packs etc that you need for the week. I'm not sure if prices differ from place to place but thats what I pay anyway.:D

WELL DONE KI-KI, that loss should help keep you motivated. It does for me, can't wait for my next weigh in. Makes a change from when I did Slimming World and dreaded weigh ins lol.


Laugh in the face of food
The cost put me off at first until I added up how much I spend in a week on food, snacks and alcohol, I'm saving by doing it. I know it works out more expensive if you've got family to still buy food for tho. I'm lucky it's just me at home at the moment I guess.

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