I'm new but Pls tell me I can have a diet red bull


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Been lurking for about five months and finally started CD exactly a month ago. It's been hard going with an 11 week old and a 16 month old and I have ended up tasting loads of stuff but I really mean to lose this weight. 16month old used to pick up his enthusiasm for meals from me and my mealtime games but since i started, he hasn't been too keen on eating.

I gained 41lbs in one very difficult pregnancy which ended in neonatal death three years ago and have been hanging on to it as a memorial. lost a few lbs then gained 15lbs more with the 16month old and gained 1lb net with the 11 week old but I'm trying dealing with the grief and need to let the weight and PND go ASAP. started pregnancy at 122lbs ended up three years later at 172lbs. Plus I had high blood sugar during one pregnancy and all four of my grandparents were diabetic while both of my parents are hypertensive.

I miss my diet red bull even though I'm glad I can still have my coffee. I don't think it has citric acid. can someone just give me the perfect excuse to have one? Red bull used to help me cope with stress.
Hello and welcome to Minimins. So sorry to hear of the things you have been through, and hopeful that we'll be able to support you through this.

As for your red bull - you know you can't!! Have some water flavourings with fizzy water but stay away from the red bull - the better you stick to it, the faster it comes off!!
Gee, thanks

<Darn! now I can't use the excuse that I didn't know for sure that i couldn't. Oh, well ...>
no diet red bull....but little old me being pesky as I am have hunted for many many days to find a substitute. From what I know, as long as there is no citric acid, carbs and no calories we can have it.

So...I have come up with...tescos own brand Diet Cranberry Blue Charge. Comes in 1litre bottles, kinda silver. Also, Asdas own brand Diet Cranberry Kick. Again, 1 litre bottles.

All malic and no citric acid.

Also, it's the same for the perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi and also the perfectly clear red apple (which isn't sparkling)....so...it might give you cravings, but then again..might not and it won't kick you out of ketosis!! :D
Diet Cranberry Blue Charge!!!

kiss, kiss <Muah, muah> XX. I love you!

will shop online straight away.
Its neither only water, black coffee, black tea, water water and water if it was anything else it would be in the book.

Diet drinks and zero coke, is only there under protest with a warning that it can set of cravings etc etc. Why risk it??

The shorter you have to be on a VLCD the better, once you move into stabilisation and maintenance thats a different matter.
I know tesco kick. I liked it especially as it was cheaper than red bull.

I'll just try a can and see how it goes. I really need a little caffiene coz one baby takes the night shift and the other takes the day so I get 4 hours sleep btw them and catch up on saturdays with 12hrs of sleep while hubby watches ( or rather ignores them).
Linda is mother of all CD Counsellors as should really probably be listened too!! I am only pesky and young and have tried and it's been fine for me:D...but maybe not for everyone??:confused::confused:

Maybe CD don't really want to name brands etc? I dunno!! but it is true it ain't in the book.

However, I did ask about Malic acid and both perfectly clears at my training and Lisa says yes, fine and dandy, anything with malic acid is fine so long as no citric or carbs or sugar...... So maybe they'll be in the next booklet??

Coffee not work for you hun?
CDC I would love to do that but I have to cook and feed the boy and man and am a little stressed and sleep deprived.
Sometimes I wish I could add a nice meal as I have cheated approximately once every week so far and hubby keeps complaining about dinners being no fun. But I really do agree that the sooner I get it over with, the better.
It really sounds like the 790 programme is for you.

Caffeine is a drug you do not need it.

Malic acid is in our flavourings but remember we are only allowed one teaspoon of those a day.

Its not just citric acid we must watch for but flavourings we are not allowed any flavouring e.g cake flavouring as they can either kick you out of ketosis or cause cravings it is so not worth it.

If you are lucky enough to get away with it okay but is is worth the risk - could mean the differnce to 3 to 4lbs per week or 1 to 2 lbs a week.

If you try and you are one of the unlucky ones it could blow it for you.
Nah you are all grown ups and make your own decisions I can only speak from experience of many many successful, and unsuccessful clients over the years.

The successful ones follow the programme, or deviate and then follow the programme.

The ones who fall off primarily are adding in bits they shouldnt.

Its all a matter of choice really if you choose to follow a VLCD why change the rules:confused:
I totally agree. i'll try the SS for a couple of week then switch to 790 for december. I hope I can step it down again in January. I hear the results are just as good on 790 so here's hoping. Thank you guys so much.

Do I need to do the AAM before the 790 plan?
Hi B-D , have been reading your thread with interest... I missed caffeine a the very beginning but soon felt better for not having it! I used to drink gallons of diet coke every day - and I don't drink tea or coffee so no caffeine now and feel SO much better for it! The age gap between my girls is 17 months so I remember how exhausting it can get!

For what it's worth, the best advice I can give (as a fellow Cd'er) is to stick to the diet 100%.. I do drink Perfectly Clear and I am very fortunate that it doesn't have a negative impact, however, I didn't try it until after a few weeks so would say that it is definitely best to not add anything until your body has adjusted to SS or 790 (whichever you decide). You don't have a colossal amount to lose, although it may feel like it, and with 2 small ones to run around after I think you'll find the weight will just vanish so fast you will be amazed!!

If you can stick to the diet you can't fail to succeed and reach your goal in the blink of an eye. I understand entirely where you are at (although I can only sympathise about your loss) as I had my babies that close and also had PND.

Take care and be good and true to yourself and I am sure you will see a new, more energetic you emerge in no time! x