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I'm new, confused, excited, scared ...

Hi all

I've just been reading all your posts and just want to say :wave_cry:Hello!! You all seem so supportive and genuinley interested in each other :p

Anyway - I have been dieting my whole life in one way or another, just by Calorie control, Weight Watchers or Slimming World, nothing as drastic as meal replacement. But nothing works ... no that's not true, I believe any diet works, it's finding one you can stick to that's the hard part!

I'm going on holiday in 4 weeks for 2 weeks and when I get back i want to start the CD, but I just have a few questions, which I hope someone wouldn't mind answering.

How much is it to join, and what is the weekly fee? I think (if I understand it right) the weekly fee depends on how much you buy, but a rough estimate would be good)

Also, what happens when you reach your goal? Can you eat 'normally' without putting the weight back on? I don't want to land myself in a situation where I can never go out for a meal again :cry: I do understand my idea of eating normally is what's got me where I am today, but hopefully you'll know what I mean.

I've just read Anne's (I will do it this time) diary, and feel totally inspired, and can't wait to start!

Looking forward to your replies

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Hello & welcome! This place is great, people understand what you're going through so can give exactly the right support.

I'm only on day 5 so will leave it to someone more experienced to answer your questions but just wanted to say hi & do it! All you have to lose is weight!



I can do this.
Hi, if u do ss.. it costs about £34 per wk.thats 3 packs per day. Hope this helps.


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Hi lesley and welcome to minimins.

This diet is fantastic and really works. I know exactly what you mean about other diets - I have never been able to stick to another diet either, but with CD you go into ketosis which stops you feeling hungry.

The cost will depend on which plan you go for. I do sole source and have 3 packs a day. The cost has just gone up and is about £35 a week which sounds like a lot, but remember this is total meal replacement. You will not be paying for food on top of that. I was easily spending £35 a week on takeaways for the family so it was easy to find the money for the diet. Also my weekly shopping bill has halved now Im not buying all the crap I used to.

When you reach goal there are various maintenance stages to go through with increasing number of calories to help you stabilise your weight. However if you go back to your old ways after the diet you will put weight back on. You have to be prepared to make real lifestyle changes if you want to keep the weight off.

Good Luck Lesley. Enjoy your holiday.

Hi all

Thanks for your replies :) £35 sounds good - my friend did Lighter Life and it cost her £65 ish!!

I really don't want to go back to the way I eat now, just want to know if I want to go out for a meal with my hubby I can.

Can't wait to start, going to email the councillors in my area now and see which of the 3 I like best :)

Thanks again for the welcome!
Hi Lesley, Welcome aboard, as you click on teh CD part of the forum there are lots of posts at the top called stickys, there is a guide there of the costs of CD products and a list of flavours.

It doesnt cost to Join as such, it is the cost of your packs, some CDC's charge more than others, and I would have a chat and make sure your cdc is supportive and wants whats best for you as well.

As long as you follow maintainence after the diet, and re address your habits that got you to where you are now then there is no reason you should put weight on, but lets get you through your SS forst and then there are loads to help out on re feeding.

Good luck, and holler if you need anything x

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