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I'm new- & having a hard time


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Hey, everyone! I'm new- just joined. I'm in need of some motivation/support. I'm open to most anything.

Over one month ago, I started my weight loss mission. I'm not extremely large. . . but just like many people, I could be thinner, and healthier. I started walking everyday around December, then in the first few days of February I started with Exercise TV on demand. I've done a workout every night, 20-30 mins(with very few exceptions) and I walk to the track on Fridays, Saturdays, and/or Sundays to run a mile. (A mile is a big step for me, personally. I hate running, but I work at it.)
As for my diet, I just generally try to stay away from fatty/unhealthy foods. I do like to snack, but I try to keep it on stuff like apples and grapefruits. My diet, I admit, has room for improvement, but it's not terrible. It's almost impossible to have a perfect diet in my house, with all the crap my family buys, and I'm proud of the fact that I limit myself.
I feel like I'm doing everything I should be doing- exercising and watching what I eat- and I've been doing this for, like I said, over a month. I never expected to see immense differences in that time, but I did expect to see little ones. But the problem is, I don't. I've been avoiding the scale, but I approached it a few days ago and there was no decrease in the number I saw. . . It went UP two pounds! It was depressing, because I've been working hard, and making time for exercise between all of the other stuff I have to do. It makes me start to think; "Why go through this if I maintain the same weight doing nothing and when I work out?" Whats the point if I don't see a difference in myself?
I'm sure more people than me have run into this problem- it's hard to lose weight. I'm looking for anything from advise to support to motivation or other people's stories!
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Hi and welcome to the club :)

Make sure you're eating the right amount for your size, as under eating can often cause your body to cling to fat for dear life. Also, if you are doing alot of exercise and gaining lean muscle mass then you can often not see a loss for a while, but it really does all even out in the end. If you are following some type of diet programme check back with them to see where you think things might be going wrong. Lots of people on here to ask for advice. If not, then I am sure if you keep at it you will see results you are looking for soon! Best of luck!


Don't worry, be happy :)
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It could be many factors depending on your daily menu, anything from not drinking enough water to too/many few calories, hidden calories etc.
You are a really good healthy weight already so try to concentrate on being healthier like you said.
I guess its a lot of trial and error when cutting back and exercising without a specific 'diet' plan. Try stopping snacking or cutting down your portions for a week or so and see how it goes.
Unfortunately if you want to be a bit healthier due to lack of exercise then you will need to keep that up too for life.

By the way were the scales the same ones you measured onthis first time? Because scales vary a lot in some cases, the key is to be consistant i.e use the same scales every time at thesame time of day.

Anyway well done for uping the exercise and contolling the junk food its a positive step forward, and also you must have the patience of a saint for not weighing yourself for over a month.
Keep up the good work you will eventually see results.


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Yep, great advice by cuddlepaws and Little Red.

One thing to add though.

It may just be that your current weight is your natural weight. Besides the fact that most people find it quite hard to lose those last few pounds, if your body setpoint is where you are now, it'll be a bit harder.

Your goal is very low. Yes, still in the healthy range, but borderline underweight so it might not be happy to go there, and when you are there, may well want you to just get back again;)

Much that I applaud healthy eating and exercise and that should be done regardless of the size you are, the scales might not reflect your hard work.

It maybe better for you to do more resistance rather cardio. That will help you look leaner and help keep your metabolism up long term :)


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S: 10st1lb C: 10st3lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: -0st2lb(-1.42%)
Thank You!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the replies! I'll take everything into consideration!
I just wanted to reply to a few specifics;).
To KD; Please don't worry about the number 120, that's more of a psychological motivation. My actual goal is more around 130, give or take a few pounds. But I figure if I shoot for a lower weight, my mind will find 130 faster. Also, if I set out for 130, and I eventually reach that, it would be very dangerous to feel satisfied, because then I most likely would start eating badly or exercise less again. (... sorry for that horrific grammar ;))
To Little Red; Thank you for the tips. Yes, I may be a "healthy" weight, but I don't think it necessarily means I'm healthy. I was this weight when I was very sedentary. I guess I'm just disappointed that this new "healthier lifestyle" isn't doing anything for the way I look... even if that's a bad way to look at it.:sigh:
To CuddlePaws; I hope that by "limit" It didn't seem like I was depriving myself! I'm certainly eating enough, I just meant that I was cutting down on the cake and poptarts. But thanks for the advice; I definitely could use more veggies in my diet. . . I think I'll try some ssort of diet plan, to make sure I'm getting the right amout of cals and carbs and neutrient and whatnot. After that, if it still doesn't work, I'll just have to stick with the exercise and less junk. It is healthier, even if I won't look any thinner... but lets not think like that! I've still got time! Time to look at some success stories for motivation!
(I tend to rant a little... sorry for the monologue):D


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Yep, great responses there, I have nothing to add other than welcome to the board.
Try water, protein and exercise variation

I just joined mini moms but you sound a lot like my daughter. She finally began losing weight when she started lifting weights, doing yoga and varied her aerobic activity from running, biking, swimming, she also increased her water intake and protein. She is a medical professional and said sometimes our bodies adjust to exercise routines and although it keeps us healthy, doing the same thing all the time will not always yield weight loss.
Now she maintains this routine to keep off the weight, she bought a BPA free water bottle, she keeps it filled with water and carries it with her everywhere she goes. Unfortunately, her routine doesn't work for me because I am in a wheelchair and cannot use weights or do aerobic exercise. Good luck, sounds like others have some great advice.

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