im new help me please!!! not good!!


welcome to mm's katie

everything you have mentioned above are textbook carbohydrate-withdrawl symptoms (which are what you want to happen!)

They usually last a couple of days, once your body then goes into ketosis you will feel better than you have ever felt :)

So don't worry, most people go through feeling a bit rubbish in the first few days, it's just part of the journey.....


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Hi and welcome. I don't know about the dizziness but I know when I was on CD I had a headache the first few days

Keep at it. Good luck. You could start a diary in the LT section for extra help and support

Irene xx


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Hi and welcome, yes on Atkins we call that the "Atkins Flu" lasted about 3 - 4 days for me.


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Hi. New here too. I started LighterLife on 14 Jan and have had some headaches and dizzyness over the last couple of days. I think this is normal and should pass. In fact, I feel much more myself today. I think drinking the water really helps. Hang in there. :)