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Im new here and need help!

Hi everyone and happy new year!

My name is lisa and Ive just started Lipotrim and this is my 4th day and i was fine until yesterday. Since yesterday morning i have had really bad diarrhea, but i also had a job interview so i just put it down to nerves.
But its still here today and is twice as worse!
I thought lipotrim made you constipated not the other way round?!

Im having my 3 shakes at regular intervals and ive been drinking atleast 2 lt of water a day.
Anyone know whats happening to me? I also feel really weak but i kind of expected that part.

Could some more experienced users offer any advice?

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Hopefully someone with experience will come along soon and answer your questions, I am new like you too, and I am having the opposite effect to you.
Hopefully you will feel better soon.


One last chance
Hmm well, I have never experienced that but be aware that people who are constipated should drink a lot of water to help them poop, that could be the reason why you have diaorhea. Plus, I also think it's because your body is trying to adapt to the new changes. I wouldn't worry too much. Just carry on a little further with LT and see what happens. If it still occures, you should go see your pharmacist or doctor.
Thanks kered and yasmine, i will hang on in. It will take more than the runs to stop me! its just horrible because my stomach really hurts and im scared the stomach ache and runs will physically put me off the milkshakes. If i start to gag when im drinkking them then im in deep trouble!


One last chance
No problem. Best thing to do is drink the shakes slowly. don't chug them down if you think you'll puke. I wish I got the runs more often, I have severe constipation. Just take it slow and easy.


Staff member
Hi Patricia,

This is a transient effect that will last for only a short time. The solutions are very simple in that if you take a bulk laxative such as Metamucil, or Fibogel which will provide bulk to the intestinal system and alleviate the problem. Also, Lipotrim recommend you consume a glass of water before and after taking your meal as to dilute the effects of the minerals on your body.

Another thing that works well for newbies on the diet is instead of having three meals is to divide the packs and have six mini meals throughout the day instead, this will slow down the effects on the body of the minerals...just remember you must make each half up fresh and consume within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

Your body will adjust after a week or so.

Another possibility is that you could be lactose intolerant as the packs contain skimmed milk.

Love Mini xxx
Hi there :) Firstly let me put your mind at rest and let you know that you are not the only one that this has happened to.

I noticed last time around that in the first week or two I had to lay off the coffee as every time I drank it I had a similar experience so if you are a coffee fan it may be wise to leave it for a week or so. Tea doesn't seem to produce the same effect so is a preferred option.

Secondly, as Yasmine already stated, we have to drink a lot of water on this diet which could be where this is coming from.

Either way, I wouldn't worry unless it continues after a few more days hun in which case I'd suggest a chat with your pharmacist.

Good luck babe! xx
Thanks everyone for the help:)
The diarrhea seems to be worse after i have had a shake.
i hope i dont gross everyone out here but it isnt really diarrhea now, its just weird coloured water. Sorry if ive made anyone feel sick!

I tried lipotrim last year (only laster 2 weeks though) and this didnt happen then so im not sure whats happening this time :(

Rainbowbrite - I normally use that name too but i decided to have a change:), its good to see another lover of the great rainbowbrite!
just posted about this separately. Wow whats the chance? It's never happened to me before but let's just hope it's a short term blip
Lol Rainbow Brite is my favourite :) So many people haven't even heard of it which gives me rage :p

If it's only like water now perhaps it means it's coming to the end? I hope so as it can't be pleasant. Have you thought about taking Immodium? (I think that's what it's called)
Hi Chele80, how mad is that! We are both suffering at the same time!
To be honest its not unbearable, certain foods do it to me any way, so ive got it easier now coz theres no bloated and sore tummy!

rainbowbrite - She is totally underrated, she was always my fave, and the thundercats!

Im just gearing up for my next shake, i might take minis advice an split it into two. Im hiding upstairs at the min coz everyone is having pizza downstairs :(
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Hi chele, how mad that we are having the same problem at the same time! Its crap isnt it?

Rainbowbrite - she is so under-rated, she was always my fav, her and thundercats!

Im hiding upstairs coz everyone is having pizza downstairs:(

Gearing up for my last shake of the day, i might take mini's advice and start spliting them up


One last chance
Wierd water? and this is coming out from your behind? that sounds very firmiliar. I had a similar problem years ago. But I wasn't on a diet at the time. Sorry if anyone gets grossed out, but was it jelly like as well?
was it jelly like as well?

:rotflmao: Lol sorry - I didn't get grossed out it just made me giggle (I have too vivid an imagination)
Sorry for you ladies who are having what we in Liverpool call the "Gladys Knights!" :sick0019:
Everytime I've re-started (after a break for hols and also when I started in July) this happens to me too.
As mini says it's the minerals.
hang in there (and put antiseptic cream or vaseline on your bum, mine ended up like an orang utans!! :eek:)
It'll pass soon. xx


One last chance
Oh, that's different form me then. I wouldn't worry too much. Just give it a while for your body to adjust which should be just a few days or a week.
Orang-utan bum? Wow


One last chance
LMAO no worries. I was really scared when that happened to me though, since it was coming out form both ends :S
Can't be pleasant. I just thank my lucky stars I haven't fallen victim to it... yet? *runs around touching every available wooden surface*

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