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I'm New Here (Well, on the WW Forum!!)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the ww forum although not to the minimums site. I followed the Cambridge Diet for a while and was successful in losing 3 stone. But .......... as great as what it is, I just can't live on CD. So, I have decided to give ww a try (again :sigh:). The thing is, this will be the thrid time I will have tried ww. The last two times I actually put half a stone on before I stopped doing the diet:cry:. Why ? I don't know!! I followed the plan to the book but it just didn't agree with me. So, I have thought that I must be the only person in history not to lose on ww and therefore I am going to give it another go. I am on my second week on kick start - last week (week 1 I lost 1lb:rolleyes:). But, I am going to stick in becasue I can actually live on this diet, I am not finding it difficult at all. Has anyone got any tips on what I may have done wrong in the past so I can put it right this time round. Thanks
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Welcome to the WW forum. Were a friendly bunch here so I was surprised to see people have read your post and not replied...:(

Well done on your CD loss! :) I am not sure why u gained on WW, were u drinking enough fluids? If you havent already u should have a look through Starlights diary, she's just broke the 12 stone loss mark on WW and is a great inspiration.

Good luck with your weight loss journey. If u r going to a class maybe chat to the class leader about why u have gained in the past.

Hi there, just wanted to ask if you went 'straight' from CD to WW or did you wait. I am currently starting week 4 of a refresher course with LL and am hoping to start back WW next week, just really scared about eating and putting on the 14+ lbs I will have lost by then! Any advice appreciated. I've done WW before my wedding and lost 2 stone so I know it works. Hoping to only have 1.5 stones to lose after next week. Can't think where you'd be going wrong - one of the best tips I have is to weigh everything, especially things like pasta and rice etc as you could be pointing wrong if guessing things?
Hello! Good to have you here with us :D

One thing I've realised is it's worth having a points calculator as the book & website are not always up to date, some things are more points than you think as a result, or if you are lucky they are lower in points :) Weigh & measure everything, take no chances & you should be fine.

Good luck :)
Hi Mia and welcome to WW. Yes, the only thing I can think of if you have gained on WW in the past is that maybe you were mis-pointing things.

Maybe it would be worth you trying Core?


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi - thanks for all your replies. A lot of my friends have done/are doing ww so I have lots of people to ask. I don't know, maybe I have mis-pointed in the past, but I really don't think so. I carry a bag of ww stuff around with me, books, tracker, calculator and I weigh everything (even if a chicken breast is a few grammes over, I cut it off and throw it away!!!). I am drinking about 3 litres of water a day. Today was my second weigh in - again lost 1lb. That's a grand total of 2lb in 2 weeks :(

Kat - no I never went straight from CD to WW. I lost the on CD last year. If I was you I would take it very easy, introduce carbs gradually becasue that is what will put the weight on quickly, and keep drinking your water. I have not put back on all that I lost on CD but I am desparate for this diet to work for me.
Hey hun, welcome!! 2lbs in 2 weeks is just fine hun! I lost 2lbs in my first week, 1 in my second, 0 in my 3rd and half in the one just gone, and I started at 12.12 so not far from where u are. I have to say it does seem in general that those who have less to lose tend to lose it more slowly, and also from my WIs and chatting with people, also the people who have never dieted before or at least for a long time tend to lose weight much quicker too...

Dont get down about it hun, see this as a long term plan which you can use even in maintenance when you get there. Having done CD too I know how good it feels to see a big loss on the scales, but WW is so different (as you already know) and doesnt work the same way at all... so to expect losses anywhere near those of CD (average 3.5lbs a week on CD) is unrealistic and unhealthy when following WW. 2lbs is the max recommended so you are doing great with 1.

Stick at it hun :) we will get there!! (eventually) xxx


The mother flippin'
Hi and welcome! :)

Slow and steady wins the race. That's why I chose a tortoise for my tracker, to remind myself of that :D It can be a bit disheartening, but you'll get there.
ive moved over this week too, have lost almost 3 stone on cd but also had enough...i must admit i havent stuck to it very well think its just the novelty of eating again!!! my wi day is thurs then from then on ill track everything...
are you eating carbs???? i have been but im worried ill put on if i eat too many...althou its so hard not to...
Welcome to WW Mia. Congrats on 3 stone loss too.

1lb a week is just fine (that is what I seem to be losing now). I was a little disheartened at first but those 1lbs all add up :D

You can do it! Goodluck on your weightloss journey x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks ladies, I recognise a few names here from the CD forum. I eat carbs in moderation. I have oats so simple for breakfast (1.5) and skimmed milk (1). I try to not eat bread but if I do, it will be at lunch time with a small tin of beans, or if I fancy a sweet taste, I might have 2 ww bread (1) and jam (1) for my supper. If I have a baked potato at any point in the day then I don't have bread. Not a pasta lover but I do like rice so have cut back drastically on that too. WW say you can use your points any way you like, but through experience I know that doesn't work for me. Thank for all the encouragement x
Hi Mia,

good luck on your journey x

I have just moved to WW, last week x i have found the WW forum is really supportive x

I just noticed u marked 2 ww bread as 1.... if u have 2 together it's 1.5 :) x

Nas x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Really!!!!! How come if one is 0.5? or it is actually less than 0.5 but the is not a smaller number for it so two is 1.5 (does that make sense :)). Thats even better, but at the end of the day - they are carbs so still need to cut back on it


Skinny girl in a fat body
Dooohhhhh !!!! I read that wrong. Gosh, I was getting excited at the thought of saving half a point :). Its a half point more isn't it :) - must be the hunger, it is beginning to effect me
lol...... doesn't make sense ha ha .... but 2 is 1.5!!! a few things are like that.... i think it's cos your eating them at the same time or something!!!!
Dooohhhhh !!!! I read that wrong. Gosh, I was getting excited at the thought of saving half a point :). Its a half point more isn't it :) - must be the hunger, it is beginning to effect me
lol x yeah.... do u use the online tracker thing? it's not brill, but it does work out points for u!

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