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Im new here :)

Hi everyone I have only heard of this diet thought this forum and it sounds great! I tried slim fast when I had my first DD and managed to get from a size 20 to 16 but then fell pregnant again. I am now a size 18 and would love to get to a 12 - 14, but anyway. I know its cheeky but how much money do you spend a week on lipo trim products?? As I have a family I will also have to buy 'real' food you see? I am thinking of going to the local chemist that partisipates(sp?) in this tomorrow to have a chat and see if I can start :)
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Hi Princess! It's usually about £36 per week - it's a really doable diet if you're in the riht mind frame and the support you get from this site is awesome!


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Come join the fold hun. (love the name by the way).

I finished the diet about 8 months ago and have been maintaining fine. If you are determined this is a fab diet. Once you get through the first week, then it becomes a lot easier.

Let us know what you decide.


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Hello and welcome!

I pay £36 per week- actually, I don't anymore as I am on re-feed, but you know what I mean! It does seem expensive- but as this is all you are having, my weekly shopping bill hasn't increased at all, which is all good :D

You will be required to watch the informational DVD first- although if you go to
www.lipotrim.co.uk you can watch it here. Very informative- lets you know everything you need to. You will also have to fill out a medical questionnaire to see if you are physically able to do the diet at this time.

Have you read anything about this diet so far? Just asking as it can be hard during the first few days. A couple of tips for you should you start this week:

1. Get someone else to do the cooking for your family for the first week or so. You will be less tempted to 'cheat'. Honest. With the best intentions, will power and determination- it can be soooo hard.
2. Drink plenty of water and have the hot drinks you are allowed in order to stave off hunger pangs.
3. Get fibreclear (£4.95 at the pharmacy) or some laxatives- you will be needing them!
4. Stay as focused as you can- ketosis hits around day 3/4 for most people.
5. Try to stay off carbs before you start. It seems that the biggest cause of headaches in the first week is carb withdrawal symptoms. I did have a few carbs before I started, but not many and didn't get any headaches.

Good luck at the pharmacy xxxx
Hi Princess
I went to the doctor and explained how I felt about my weight, I'm a size 18 and would also like to get to a 14ish....
But as andhow said you've got to be in the right frame of mind. If you are, it's a great diet to to for quick weight loss, I lost 7lb in my first week.
I find cooking for my children and husband and shopping for food a comfort as food hasn't been completely removed from my life, but it's all about mind set..
Speak to your Doctor and see what she thinks, I only pay £27 a week, now I don't know if that because of the part of the country I'm in or because it's on presripsion.!
Good luck and let us know how you get on
Kelly x


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Mrs L- I think you do get it cheaper if you go via the doctor. However, I have heard of doctors not knowing anything about the diet- or worst still- not agreeing with it!

Mind you, I guess if you have quite a bit to lose (like me!) your doctor can't really say no..... can they??
Thank you everyone for replying - might go to the doctors first then and see what she say's - I am worrying abit about afterwards as have heard alot of people have pounded the weight back on again - I have been on the web site and it does seem pretty good and that you get alot of support though! xx
Sorry also im just over 13st my aim is to get to about 10 so 3 stone is my aim to loose - I am wanting to loose it soooo much as feeling very self consious about myself, and fed up of people tell me how it is going to take awhile to get back to normal just having a baby 7 weeks ago but not wanting to make the same mistake I did with my first - eating rubbish for the first couple of months
My Doctor was very good, she explained it to me very well, I had blood tests , which was more like a mini MOT, so at least I know that my kidneys,liver,colesteral(sp?), and lots of other things (i can't spell) is normal.. I see a lovely nurse once a week who is very supportive and interested in how I'm getting on, she tests my urine every week to test my ketois level.

As for the price, I think you can get it even cheaper through the doctors if your on income support or benefits As I'm not £27 is the flat price for anyone in our area ( Devon )

K x
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Good luck hun, I think my food bill has increased slightly but that's just coz I'm buying much healthier food for my family these days!!!! But what I've saved in my choc and diet coke habit pays for my LT!!!! I pay £36, although my doc recommended LT I didn't realise if you went through them it was cheaper!!!!

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Hiya chick, I went to see the doctor about my weight and he recommended the product to me and said it was great way to lose weight. He did try and me on orlistat but it was having a really bad reaction with me so came off it. Although he referred me I didnt get it cheaper, I pay £39.50, it was normally £36 but the pharmacy now charge £3.50 a week because of the consultation. I can say that it is an amazing diet if ya are fully prepared for the hard work but it will be worth it in the end. I wish ya all the best on your weight loss journey and I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Take care

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