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Im new to this.....


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Hello and welcome!

Well done on starting. Sorry to hear about your toilet problems...! Regarding your dry throat - even tho it's v. annoying - it does help you drink LOADS of water! So guzzle back that water. Actually, I used to have a really dry throat when i started CD, but it does go!!

I'm pretty sure that it says that exercise on SS is restricted, it says it's not sensible to start to exercise strenously - best to maintain your existing activity level... have another read of your books. I didn't stop taking my dog for a walk... i suppose it's better than doing nothing.

Good luck!
Good Luck starting out on CD - this will be a great journey, but somewhat tough at the very beginning. We all seem to have had different reactions- I got headaches from carb withdrawl, but it soon passes.
As above I would give the same advice as everyone else. Water solves everything! And the toilet issues are just while your body gets used to having all the nutrients etc.

Just wanted to stop by to say good luck! CD is wicked!!


Trying to stay healthy!

I am new on here and new to the CD. Its my second day. I know it sounds ewww but i have diarhoea (not nice) and a dry throat but other than that Im ok. Im 17.6stones. How much can i expect to loose?? Can I exercise whilst on the SS as well.


Thank u xx
Hiya Maya, well done on getting to day 2 and good luck with your CD journey!!

With regards the tummy probs this can happen and its recommended to split your packs into half portions to spread them out through the day, that way your stomach is not receiving a big hit of the necessary minerals etc at one time which can cause a little tummy upset sometimes.
Hope you are managing to get in all your minimum water intake too (2.24 litres) especially as you have diorhea and this could make you even more dehydrated.

Hope this helps

Hi Maya

Welcome and well done on making it to day 2,I am now on day 9 and lost 8lbs in 1st week and am looking forward to 2nd weigh in.
I didn't even think about asking my CDC about if it was safe to exercise and went to the gym 3 times during 1st week,just made sure I drank lots of extra water on top of whats recommended.
Just don't over work yourself and listen to you body,or could always try some swimming!

Natalie xx
I've just started today. Looking forward to it. I'm going jogging after work. I didn't find out if I could exercise.

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