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  1. :) hello xx
    ive been doing LL for just over 5 months ,ive lost 5stone in total and have about 19lb left to go.

    ive been off plan now for about 3 weeks have still lost a few lbs.

    i dont think im going back to class as i have 6 weeks worth of packs at home and think i can go it alone,do you think im being foolish?

    hope im doing the right thing?financially i am !
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  3. Hi giggly, don't know if you need the classes as I am with Cambridge, just wanted to say a huge congratulations on your great losses so far!!!!

    Have you any pics?? (greedy for inspiration)
  4. Splash

    Splash Gold Member

    I think if you use this site for inspiration and guidance you should be OK.
  5. Sambucca

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    5 stone WOW. Congratulations, and well done on not putting any one after coming off the diet

    I know LL make a big thing of the counselling part but I think you can get all the support you need on here. Its not cheap and if youve got the packs I'd be tempted not to waste my money by going to class. You could spend the money on your shrinking wardrobe instead.

    Im sure somebody more experienced will be along soon though with their advice.

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