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  1. Mum2jenson

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    Hi all

    I started Cambridge back in 2010 after having my 1st son Jenson, I started at 15.11 and managed to weigh my lowest at 12.3 after 5 months, however time passed food entered my life again and I fell pregnant with my other son who is 14 months old. I went to my consultant today and weighed in at 15.6 so everything I done I wasted I have gained it all back, I feel awful fat ugly and really down, yes I know I'm doing the right thing by re joining and I know I can lose the weight, but is my head in the right place I just don't know :( it's my Birthday on August 4th and we are going on holiday for two weeks so I have 3 months to lose 4 stone!

    I have just had a hot chocolate, so one down 2 to go!

    Hoping to meet some amazing dieting friends that can help me on my way!
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  3. LizzRob

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    if you stick to SS and no cheating, you should be good with your goal as the first week you tend to have a bigger loss!

    just keep distracted and remain focused on the goal! :)
  4. Hothmog

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    I started SS last Thursday, hoping to have lost 4 stone by the end of July. My Consultant has said she's had two women since christmas manage to lose 4+ stone in the first 12 weeks. It can be done :) xx
  5. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Blimey that is bold. Just don't set your heart on it. Your body will drop what it wants when it wants. I try not to set solid goals like that, for fear that not achieving would throw me off plan. It's totm so today's weigh in will be rubbish :(

    Current loss: 16lbs and 10.5 inches

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