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I'm Not Even Going To Complain


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I did well on refeed, maintained for the 2 weeks I was doing it, but the moment I came off to start eating the Christmas food, it's like I became a woman obsessed and I've put on weight.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has gone a bit nuts with eating?

Is some of that water or am I kidding myself thinking that? It's just pure fat isn't it?
After all, thats what refeed was for, to reintroduce the food and to stop or limit the water retention.

I've been eating the wrong stuff, but I've not been eating loads and loads and loads, Ok...fine...who am I kidding lol? But seriously, I think it's almost 7lbs I've gained since friday...that can't be right.

I know I can't complain, so I shan't, the only thing I'm wondering is whether some of it's water.

I am glad I've had a break for Christmas, it's been fun to eat what I want, but I know for definite this is not going to be able to happen next year. Not a chance. Not only do I have no self control, but I have no metabolism! Eeek!
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im sure most of that 7lb is water surely it must be!!!! try and not get to down about it chick. when do you start tfr again? x x
3500 calorie excess = 1lb of fat, so I reckon unless you have really been going for it, there is mostly water weight in your 7lbs!

I'm 4lbs on over 2 weeks, and couldnt bear to keep eating till new year - I feel disgusting, hate feeling hungry and just want to be back in ketosis NOW!
lol @ jenfur i am scared to death lol at the thought of being out of ketosis lol x x
Don't worry, you're not alone! As I switched to CD, I've been eating a meal a day for weeks (and losing) but this last fortnight I've gone slightly mad and put on 5lbs. I'm not beating myself up; I have a couple more planned meals out / parties this week, so aiming just to STS and starting TFR again in earnest on 3rd Jan!


Fighting for My Health
I've put some on too (4.5lb in past 6 weeks). Don't worry about it babe. Just get back on track as and when you are ready, and it'll come off again in no time :) xx
Hi abbie
It's been a while since I posted, but wanted to reply

I was staying the same week after week, but I know I've put some weight on over the past 2 weeks, and I have not eaten potatoes or lots of anything really, I've had some Christmas cake tho, and some mince pies, and a few chocs here and there, I'm going to get weighed tomorrow and get my new year shakes... I reckon I've put on 5lbs ish since my refeed week but who know until tomorrow....

I'm not gonna worry, I've felt ashamed, guilty and even scared of eating, but to hell with it, from the 2nd of Jan I'm back on tfr for how long I don't know, I need to lose 2.5 stone to ideal weight (approx) but I'm gonna say I just wanna lose a stone at first.. I remember how hard that first week is lol

Any how my point is (eventually) enjoy the holiday and back to dieting in the new year

Happy New Year All Of Us xxxx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I think I'll be getting started on the diet again from Thursday. I don't think it'd be wise for me to wait til Monday as originally planned and also, my weigh in's are on Thursday so would probably make more sense to have a weeks result, rather than a few days.
Well, I've been eating for a couple of months now nd managed to keep it off for most of it but the last 3weeks I have got out of control. Thanks guys coz I haven't been too sure bout tfr again but after popping on the forum nd reading this thread I'm convinced I have to do it. The self loathing is seeping in nd grumpy me is re emerging! Fell it on my face the most-the fat that is! I can't believe how hard I starved for just to go nd lose control!! I cant wait any longer so will be telling the girls in work to sod off nd will get started with tfr tomorrow-any disapproving looks will be met with defiance! Thanks for this post.


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Good luck Blowfish! You can do it. :) xxx

I'm going to enjoy my last day of piggery tomorrow and then thats it, back on board with the diet from Thursday, no excuses.
I've had my Christmas break, now is the time to complete my journey.
Well done and good luck to both of you, I will be waiting to go tfr till the 2nd, if I'm gonna be bad I'm gonna do it till the new year lol

I might have shakes and one meal a day hmmmm nahhhhhh lol

See you back on the 2nd heheheh
lol @ amanda
i wish i had decided to do that for this period i could murder a sweet lol x x
Well done to all of you for not doing too bad! I take my hat off to you all!!!

I have gained.... wait for it... DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (I bet you are all waiting for a small number....NOPE!! lol)............. 9lb in just over 4 weeks!!! If it hasn't been nailed down i have eaten it!!!.. And the worst part is.. I really do not care! Well, maybe a little... Joe is starting on 10 Jan and i am going to start about 2 weeks later because i think having 2 of us trying to get into ketosis at the same time would drive the kids to ring Childline!!! lol

This will be my final go at LT, and i am going to try and go until 12 April at the latest (money permitting), when i will join WW and lose whatever else i need to... That will give me approximately 10 weeks on TFR which should allow me to lose roughly 45lb (going by last time) which will be enough for me.... I have realised i need WW to get me into the healthy eating/portion control mindset, that i have said all along i would have problems with.....

That said, i have had the most wonderful Xmas, and i sincerely hope you all have too.....

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you have a great time...

See you all "properly" soon x x x
I'm so glad you had a good Christmas Su

My OH is starting on LT the same say as me lol, no tempting smells etc if both of us are on it lol although he only had to lose 1 stone ish

You are in the same frame as me, I've had s nice Christmas, I'm gonna have a wicked new year lol, I'm doing a buffet for friends and family and I'm jot skimping...

A new year, a new start on LT what's a few more days of jolidaying eh lol

See you back on here soon Hun xx Happy New Year xx


Fighting for My Health
Hiya Su :) Glad to hear you've had a good Christmas, and sounds like you have a good plan re getting back onto Lipotrim during January :) You've got to do what's right for you to give you the best chance of success. I have no doubt that once you get going again you will get to your goal. I'm going to try and be on it from 4 Jan until end of April/begining of May(ish), although no idea if I can last that long in one go. I'm definitely going to try my best though :)

Hope you have a lovely New Year xx


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
OK, I tell a lie, tomorrow is just not going to happen. I totally forgot all about a meal I was going to on New Years Day and I'm not saying no to it. I'll just start on Monday! New week. Besides, I'll be doing this for another few months so sod it.
I'm probably having a blase attitude about it, but seriously, it's never sunk in so much how my life is going to be and has to be totally different once I've completed this for good.
Next Christmas is going to be the complete opposite for me, where I've indulged this year, next year, I'm going to have to be really strict if I don't want to fall off the wagon in spectacular fashion like I have done this time.